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pamEnera : It's been 3 weeks now since I got caught with pot and spent one day and two nights in jail and I've yet to receive a court date. It was my first offense, it was well under 2 ounces, he'll I'm certain it was under 2 grams. My question is, how will this affect my Deferred action and employment authorization status? Will I be deported? And what are the chances of my case being dismissed? Should i hire a lawyer right away or until i recieve a court date.My goodness why can't pot just be legal already :(

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Higinhinocumn : Was I wrong for giving out my brother's number. My brother used my number without my permission as a reference when he got credit cards or bank account and so on. Well he have changed his number and now the creditors are calling me all the time. At first I informed my brother that I am getting calls from bill collectors he wasn't to concern about it. So I got fed up with the calls and I just gave them his number. Its his problems not mines. He even gave them my cell phone number. My mother said I should not have done that. Now my brother is mad at me. I told him its his problem not mine. Now my mom is getting on me for doing that. Was I wrong
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SpovaInnope : Nope. You did the right thing. He needs to take the responsibility.
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KallIlliccala : Just bcuz someone does something to you doesn't mean that gives you the right to do it back to them. Even if it feels really good getting revenge you shouldn't do that.
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glubalpcrulge : You might want to ask his permission next time. And it kind of is your problem. If you gave out his info without permission than that is just like faking a signature. I don't know what to do about it but that's all that I got
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PogeSoroobete : I'm from the us. But I wanted to know how much would it cost for my phone to take and make calls from the uk??.. I know I would need a phone card.. But would my phone bill still be pricey?? I have the iPhone 4g from Verizon.. And have the family plan with unlimited data usage but still have to pay a minimum of amount for texting and calling.. So I pretty much had to down grade.. Hahah
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hervebwb : lets see on my computer if i have magic jack can make calls all over the world at not extra cost and again on my computer can talk to people all over the world with no additional cost at all like on messenger or skype
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Neenstookem : May 1. Invested $20,000 cash in the business
2.Issued a check for $900 to pay the months rent.
3.Purchased Supplies for $1,000. Paid by check.
4.Purchased Equipment for $8,000 made a down
Payment of $2,000 in cash.
5.Returned damaged supplies and received a cash refund
Of $100.
6.Performed services for $900 on credit.
7.Issued check to pay for advertising expense $150.
8.Paid utility bill with a check $250.
9.Performed service for cash $500.
10.Received $300 cash from credit customers.
11.Issued check to pay monthly phone bill $100.
12.Issued check to pay a creditor $6,000.
13.Issued check to Ms. Todd for $2,000 for personal expenses.
14.Completed a job for a customer, will be billed at a later
Date $1,000.
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dokoccund : A couple, friends of mine, were out in what happens to be a very touristy part of London. Needless to say restaurants and Cafes don't offer the best service. They stopped to eat at a local Brasserie, and the service was indeed very poor, on top of that when the bill came, there were 'mistakes' of additional dishes, etc.. My friend's partner pointed this out to the waiter, then he also refused to pay the 'optional service charge'. In my personal opinion I would have found the last, embarrassing, as I feel that ultimately the responsibility lies with the management and not with the individual staff. Is it acceptable in your opinion? Or how do you feel about it?
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igorisbar : This error should not haveb been discussed with the waiter, should have dbeen brought to thettention of the manager.
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