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tieday0826 : When will the lawyers get new blackberries? Once a year?

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Reenoppomia : Because in the real world, you don't get toys to play with.
The Blackberry is a work tool, and probably something that most true business people could not live without.
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small50v : I don't know how to put pictures on like http://pinterest /colorfulclover1/cheapcool-ipod-4-cases/ them bc I want to make collages and take pictures and just normal pictures and put them on phone cases I understand I need to buy the blank cases but I need to know like is it adhesive the material or do I glue it on and what material is it , I have heard you need a press machine or something do you print the picture on special paper then press it into more material just please help me I need to save up money so I can stop borrowing of my parents who should be using it for bills etc
Okay so I don't want one myself sorry its to start selling them like to make money bc I've seen people do quite well with it
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choolfrok : You might juts be able to cover it in sticky back plastic, with the photos underneath
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HiveGragree : My family and I are looking to switch from our Verizon Wireless Carrier to another phone company. We basically just want 3 iPhones with an unlimited text data & call plan. This is obviously going to be expensive, but we just moved to CA and are looking for a cell phone carrier with good coverage and a monthly bill that's less than $200.

Thanks for the help!
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quegoglenossy : The only networks with unlimited data are sprint and tmobile. I have sprint and don't really like it. So I would recommend tmobile. But of all of the carriers, I would recommend AT&T, but they don't have unlimited data.
Hope this helps!
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WahAvell : I bought a car a few months back from a man who gave me a bill of sale. I took the car and the bill of sale to my local court house to get it signed over to me and registered in my name. Well this was a hand written title and there wasn't enough information on the bill of sale for the county I live in, so I went and got a new bill of sale signed by the gentleman who sold me the car. well when i went back with everything finished the woman started to do everything and then stopped and saw that there was a pen mark on the section where I was supposed to sign and said she couldn't validate the title sign over, and now I can not find the man who sold me the car because he is a truck driver and I can't get him on his phone, and the woman said I need to get a new title that I already got from them sign by him and an Alabama Notary and now I am stuck with an unregistered car and I can't find a way out of this. can anyone give me some input on this?
Well the amount was correct. The only thing was, the woman at the DMV told me that it was becaus the VIN wasn't on the bill of sale, and there were not two witnesses sign on the bill of sale. It has just become a huge headache. But I have the title and the new and old bill of sale.
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payollasywoRk : I hate to say it, but you should have had a title and a bill of sales from the start. You may be screwed. sorry messing with vehicles 50 yrs All you can do is keep trying to contact him
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Gromisilsss : try going to another lady that swith over titles like and express DMV or something and get it swithed over they wont give you a proble or you can try call the man again and if that does not work all you have to do it sue the man because he did not give you the right amount of information to swith the car over in you name and he would have to pay you for the time you waited to get the car swithed over in you name and plus the right papers to get it swithed in you name.
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csJeanteenolley : NO ;; Your father is not a sociopath ; but he is a penny pincher [ he is full of greed for money ]

IN a way I cannot blame your father for not paying the college of your siblings ; if they were talking to him just when they need money
About you ;; keep the [ line open with your bio father
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