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AbnoneeIodiniX : I'm looking for a lawsuit attorney that handles civil suits against Regional Jails and one that's willing to listen to me and help me with my case! I'm tired of Regional Jail abuse by inmates or guards and nothing be done! I need help finding a good attorney. Inmates being abused by other inmates while the guards just sit and watch and don't do anything is wrong! Help me find an attorney!

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Poeseetle : Unless you were one of the inmates that suffered abuse you would not have standing to bring the case. The American Bar Association in your area can help you find a lawyer.
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empivivabbalf : Contact the American Bar Association in your area and they can assist you in finding an attorney, and/or open the yellow pages and look under Attorneys/Lawyers and call around....

However If you yourself were not an inmate in that jail that was subjected to abuse by the guards or by a prisoner while guards did nothing then you will have no cause to bring a civil case against the Jail because you have suffered no damages.
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fakeoakleysy4 : You have no standing to file such a suit because you were not personally abused. You cannot just file a lawsuit and get money for yourself because you have heard second hand of abuses.

Additionally, suing a jail is EXTREMELY difficult. It is next to impossible to actually prove any abuses, and inmates have little to no credibility as witnesses.
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Toomadyettasy : With the occupation of Chemical Engineering, I will make around $80000 a year. However, I am a strong Christian and believe that material goods aren't everything, so I want to donate some of my money to the poor. However, I don't want to give away so much money to where I dont have enough to pay for my debts (Bills, food, rent, etc). I might have 1 TV in my house and maybe a cell phone, and if I start a non for profit organization, I maybe will need a laptop to manage finances. I live in NC, and my question is how much do you think I could live on and still be in good shape??? Thanks!
I live in NC, idk where exactly in NC I'm moving to, DEFINITELY not the city, probably a medium/ small town in the mountains.
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Musfoenue : WHERE do You Live, & How "Rich"- are Your "Tastes" ??! In MANY Places in the U.S., a Single Person can Live reasonably comfortably- on 15K a Year. In OTHER Places, 15K won't even pay your Sales Taxes for That Location ! So it ALL "Depends..." ;)
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CLOMIDONLINER : I would need a little each month ok? sent me some? i'm your y/a friend ha ha ha? I would need some money for clothing! some pants and shoes and socks and a few shirts will do? ha ha? hi. if you do donate to the poor the gov will get most of it. And u can live on about 24 thousand per yr.
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AbnoneeIodiniX : If been using Verizon for years and absolutely HATE it (and my bill). My fiancé bought me an iphone4 to use on his plan but every single month our bill has some new ridiculous charges and I'm really just fed up. I want to be able to keep my iphone with my same phone number(if possible) and switch to straighttalk. Is this possible? If not, are there any other options that aren't too expensive?
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incerpibe : Hello I'm a 22 year old male that suffers from gad/OCD I can't stop thinking I've had gad anxiety since I could remember but ever since my cousin developed schizophrenia I'm convinced I got it and since I've been doing research it's even more that I got it and I don't know if it cuz of the obsessions here are my symtoms

1,sometimes I see like a telephone pole and pictures a face and its like a seen someone

2,I used to get really paranoid and think people were out to get me but I new it was kinda bs and it would go away for little and come back

3,don't drink for a cup for people I really can't trust or people that do drugs

4,I hear voices inside my head but nothing like telling me what to do more like random words and when I close my eyes I see random images for people I have never seen or people I haven't seen in years

5 if I hang out with someone all day there voice will be stuck in my head and when I talk to my self it's like there voice ,mind you I'm talking to my self in my head

6,sometimes when people stare at me I'm like could they be plotting on men then anxiety sets in

7,I can't always make up my mind have short term memory

8,feel like my phones tapped cuz all my friend are drug dealers and I think cops see me and how I have such an amazing life and my family buy me anything I want

9, I get anxious a lot like 85 percent of the day can't stop thinking negative

10, I've heard my name being called like 3 times and when I go look now ones is there kinda weird

11, my doctor gave me dispersal for my "anxiety" which is buggin me out and I stop taking it cuz it has not done anything to me

12,sometimes people sound different to me it sounds weird saying it but it does

13 sometimes I can't fall asleep right away

14,I can't be around weed cuz I think I'll get high

15,sometimes when people talk around me and look at me I think there talking about me but I don't confront them when I realized I thought that I was paranoid I start to freak out

16,when people talking around me I sometimes think they said a different word that sounds similar

17,very lazy I can't be neat always late paying my bill and last minute with everything

18, sometimes when people talk to me on the phone or person they sound weird to me and it kinda gives me anxiety

I have tuns of friends I chill with girls I'm always out and about but guess think so much and these ^^^ symtoms I have make me think ima gunna turn into a schizophenic my doctor told me I just have major anxiety and under stress and my brains playing games with me but why would he give me anti phyctocic medications?? Please help thank guys godless

Sometimes I feel like being alone but then I can't be alone and go chill with people ,I changed my number cuz my friend got arrested and was scared that my phone was taped because I tells very one I sell drugs just so they think I'm a thug sounds restarted but I don't wanna make it seem like my parents give me it all ya kno ,when I hear a bang or a loud voice I get anxious,, When I hear noise in my house at night I think someone's. in my house and grab a weapon and walk around see if anyone's there lol only happened like 3 times and most the voices in my head happen when I'm home alone
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DORAGRITETERE : Do one or the other, and realize that whatever decision you make, it will remain that will either lose them or have them dependent on you more and more forever. My personal opinion is that you do not owe them any financial support.
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