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brertrileax : I'm doing research for a summer school project, and what exactly happens if you get caught shoplifting? I mean, police aren't inside the stores to stop you and handcuff you and arrest you, couldn't the shoplifter just run out? And even if they agree to talk with the manager (Which seems like it happens with most people, research wise) they still just have to pay a fine. Do they have to talk/answer to these people? Can't they just not say anything or just walk away?

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knbcdzz802 : It depends on the value and quantity of what is stolen, because stealing too much can be grand larceny, not petty theft. People get prosecuted for shoplifting all the time, if it's an item under 20 dollars they usually don't press charges but if it's a more they usually call in the manager, the parents if someone is a minor and then the police if the item is over 20 dollars. That person then gets a misdemeanor on their record and they either have to community service, pay a fine or go to jail.
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hermancndvew : Shoplifters don't always realize they are on camera. They can be identified and later arrested. ...and with a "shoplifting" record, employers see you as a lowly common thief and that arrest record of being a thief will follow you for the rest of your life. The job possibilities get pretty slim and your chances of success are pretty much out the door. One arrest for shoplifting can RUIN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!
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maxussynk : Usually if you try to walk away large people grab you and lock you in a room. It's called a "citizen's arrest" and it works just fine.

And while they are keeping you there, they are perfectly capable of calling the police, who will come and arrest you, charge you with theft, and bring you to court - you can perfectly well end in prison.

Your view is a bit naive, to be honest. Do you really believe people will just let folks walk out with their goods? They CAN physically detain you and they will.
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Apapyskyday : Along with what the other poster mentioned, some stores can ban shoplifters from coming into the store again, in the future. Laws may vary, by state. If you do a search for state statutes in your particular state, then look under shoplifting,, it should list possible penalties. Sometimes, the penalties increase for a second offense, third offense, etc. It can then elevate to felony level. Not sure if it works this way in your state, or not.
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prieneupe : If there actually is a school project I would suggest talking to store managers about their actual shoplifting policies. If they are willing to talk to you they will probably have some really great stories from the trenches about people who they've caught and what they did exactly. As to the law in your state try legal blogs run by lawyers in your area. Under common law there is something called shopkeeper's privilege where if a clerk sees you take something they can detain you until the police arrive. They have to do it in a reasonable time, place and manner. The problem is everyone might be working with a different definition of reasonable. This is where you get stories of a clerk tackling and punching someone in a parking lot or a 13 year old kid getting chained to a desk for hours. They aren't allowed to do those things but they think they are.
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KaoiljejnnSam : Unfortunately most shoplifters are able to get away because most businesses do not have security and staff are not allowed to tackle shopifters. The best way to prevent shoplifting is when you catch someone you cut off a hand. The best way to stop people going into pharmacies and holding them up for drugs is to have a bottle with some rat poison pills in it to give to them.
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Mexteendy : With the occupation of Chemical Engineering, I will make around $80000 a year. However, I am a strong Christian and believe that material goods aren't everything, so I want to donate some of my money to the poor. However, I don't want to give away so much money to where I dont have enough to pay for my debts (Bills, food, rent, etc). I might have 1 TV in my house and maybe a cell phone, and if I start a non for profit organization, I maybe will need a laptop to manage finances. I live in NC, and my question is how much do you think I could live on and still be in good shape??? Thanks!
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RobertsCoinq : 30,000
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HotestMan : just how much you think is needed for your is great but always have a savings for emergencies
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