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Dopsgroolla : A friend of mine works for a restaurant that uses video surveillance to record areas of the restaurant. Some areas, such as the smoking break area have been rumored to also have audio. Some employees have been terminated because of conversations in these areas. This sounds a little shady as no one was ever informed officially that these areas were being recorded. OK lawyers, what's the deal?....PS we're in Texas if that makes any difference....

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Irrelrylole : im also in texas and yes its legal and infact its the norm here
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kantastorma : sure they can, in a working environment you have no expectation of privacy and they have no legal obligation to inform you either.
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incerpibe : Yes, it is legal. Plus, there was likely something in the paperwork they signed the first day that said they might be recorded. Or there is something posted somewhere. That gives them permission to do it.
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Arrilbotono : I am 15 about to be 16 in a couple months. My dad left me and my sister ever since we were small. I only talked to him once like 5 months ago and he didn't say much he didn't even say sorry about leaving or gave me a reason why. He lives in mexico & My sister and I and my mom live in California. I tried calling him and asking him to send me money or at least to call me more often but he doesn't and he has a new family over there and a son who is 7 or 8 years old. I need money, I hate asking my mother for money because she has to pay rent , our phone bills, clothes etc, I just don't want to ask her for money. I think it's time my father starts sending me money or at least do something because I need his help, i'm not asking for lots of money but anything is good enough.
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EasedSokStoks : Yes, ! and if you have a sister also, and depending on your personal situation your mom could get alot of money, but she has to legally sign up for it and talk to agent or something.
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teexarige : I think in not sure but since hes in Mexico it makes things harder because he doesn't have to go by USA laws since hes in mexico
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Maccullam : Yes she can,but unless your dad is in a good financial position,I doubt you'll get anything,if the court orders him to pay,that order can only be enforced within the US.
But if he ever returns to the States,and gets a job,the DA,could garnish part of his paycheck,since he actually owes,probably in excess of 100 thousand dollars.
I hope your mom,does go after him,I wish you all good luck.
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Ambimibog : Well, you should definitely apologize, and don't act like you don't care.

Maybe suggest that you start doing some extra work to make up for it. You could also find a job or other ways to make money outside the home to pay them back. Make it clear that you want to fix it.

Good luck!
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islightina : Hmm my sister did that once and obvs got caught as everything done electronically can be traced nowadays. You just have to be honest with them and whatever money you have left give it to them and say youll earn the rest back and pay it off and by getting a job to show that youre making an effort. Whats worse is theyll be disapointed with you and youll have to earn their trust back which will take time. Dont run away coz you wont survive very long, your dependant of them as your still young and im sure your dad wont hit but if he does, call the police. Learn from this mistake as if you steal when your older youll get into so much more trouble.
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