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FLUENCECOVELD : Last December, a student worker from my previous landlord told me that I can signed the renewal, and if I don't want to live there anymore, I would be able to cancel it anytime with no penalty. And later about a month, I went back and told them I didn't want the apartment and wanted to cancel the renewal. They told me I could not do that and also told me that the only way for me to get out is to find somebody else to replace me. I was shocked and I tried really hard to argue with them. I pointed out the conflict in the lease, and they said that they wanted my 250 cancallation fee, and also wanted me to find a replacement. I feel there is something wrong and it is unfair.

Also, I only got my copy of lease from them yesterday. They had my renewal page copied, and the rest of the agreement was from last year.

I would like to know whether the agreemnt from last year was still valid. Because last year, I lived with a roommate, and we had our both initials on the agreement, while I'm the only one renewed the lease for this year.
The top page of the agreement was clearly stated that it was for term 2012 to 2013. Is there a way for me to cancel it?
Other than the 250 cancellation fee, I still have to be responsible to find another tenant for them or I will have to pay the monthly rent..

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agobeTaulge : Get a lawyer, who can read the whole lease and tell you whether it is valid or can be fought. That will cost you a hell of a lot more than $250, however.

If the lease says nothing about cancellation, it is valid for the term named.
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csyez011 : Got a problem with the roommate. She's hot nature and I'm not. At first when we pay the electric bill it'll be split. 50/50. No problem until our bill started to increase because she doesn't want to buy a extra fan. We have ceiling fan in every room but she is still hot. So she'll turn the ac up and it'll be on all night. I told her to get a fan so she wouldn't have to turn the ac up because it get too cool in my room, im on a budget, and i pay my own behalf of the bill while her mom pay hers. Now the bill going to be more this month. So I feel that it wouldn't be fair for us to split it 50/50 because of the disagreement of the ac usage which has a major impact on the bill. What do you think?
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Sanyenlaple : You all should come up with an agreed temperature to stay at. My roommate and I have agreed to keep it at 76 always.
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lisi20zu : keep a boost mobile phone on without paying a bill each month. keep a boost mobile phone on without paying a bill each month
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SkipSnuntee : My bill looks like it will come out to approximately 13,000-16,000 or more for 1 year, and that is all I need for a Computer Aided Design certificate. So, would FAFSA be able to cover this expense and how much would I have to pay a month in order to pay it back fully? It would be great to know before I turn in all my paperwork and start this January.
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invoneBed : Ok my mom's a psychotherapist and divorced my dad 11 years ago and say he is a sociopath and that I should not see him, (Notice I don't believe this because they both hate each other) I will try to explain my dad as best as I can, he is a vet and has 5 dogs he adores but the thing is he is a very wealthy man and doesn't pay child support appart from my school (which is about 10k a year) he doesn't pay my brother and sister college (which is why they stopped seeing him, I'm the only one that talks to him) But he says that he loves me and that I'm an amazing guy but yet when I ask him for financial help he makes up like 100 excuses not to help me and I get very frustrated and angry and the next day he sends me a message that "I'm his son and that he loves me" and I get very frustrated at this, when I tell him I need financial help on something he just starts yelling he says my mother is crazy, he gives me cards to give to my brother and sister which say "remember those times when I sayed I loved you" to try to see them back but they just throw them away (my stepdad pays all the bills on my family) So I'm very angered at this, he is in a 18k debt with house stuff.

Practically i'm saying he is very wealthy, but he doesn't use his cash at all, he's kind of mediocre he doesn't care if my mom has money for us to spend on. He cried one time I told him I didn't want to see him but then got angry when I still said no. I'm tired of this because I feel my stepdad is more like my dad than him.

Also if he was poor I'd understand but he lives in a luxury appartment with his girlfriend and daughter he lies to me ALL the time thinking i'm stupid.

One time I told him to check his whatsapp because there were school bills to be paid and I needed him to check it, 3 hours later he replies "theres nothing on whatsapp, xoxo" When I CAN KNOW if he checks it or not and he didn't. Sometimes I feel like if I should keep talking to him or not.

Please help

Thank you for reading and sorry for my english

Also he tells me that he is not going to pay for my brother/sister college because he won't "buy love from his kids"

For those out there saying that love is not about money, he HAS money and won't pay education for HIS own kids, he doesn't pay a single penny to my mom and never did but has his girlfriend and daughter living with him. Also my mom worked her ass off everyday to give us something to eat and education and all he did was insult her.
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hbbkjeqy : It seems like you listen to your mom too much and fell for he lies why should your dad have to pay for kids he never sees maybe if you want to have a full relationship with your father spend a couple weeks with him and have a face to face conversation and let everything out in the open
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