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RoorINuhbor : In the West, defense lawyers are allowed to approach the prosecutor and make plea deals (deals to plead guilty into a lesser charge to avoid prosecutor and court resources). Is that not possible in South Korea? Do you need to put in an separate application for bail? Don't the judges set it for you automatically and you pay?

If someone gets charged with misrepresentation of a food product (say they used a certain filler
that they aren't supposed to use), how serious is that in terms of fines and jail sentence? Does it matter if the guy is sick or has young children? What would the difference be between judgements in Korea and in the US, say.

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elsebeth9 : In order, whats more likely to run a high electric bill.

A box fan
High end desktop gaming computer.
42" lcd tv
An AC.
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JetWonnaroalt : AC for sure.
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BedoPearrr : No doubt, an air conditioner. They use a lot of power and generally, you keep them running all day long. A box fan uses almost no power. Neither does a TV. A gaming computer and a dryer are the next closest opponents, but they don;t draw as much power and are not on all day.
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noelleterrao : The AC. However, a dryer might use as much or more power, but it's simply not on as often. Then I think the computer, TV, and fan would follow, in that order.
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Higinhinocumn : Was I wrong for giving out my brother's number. My brother used my number without my permission as a reference when he got credit cards or bank account and so on. Well he have changed his number and now the creditors are calling me all the time. At first I informed my brother that I am getting calls from bill collectors he wasn't to concern about it. So I got fed up with the calls and I just gave them his number. Its his problems not mines. He even gave them my cell phone number. My mother said I should not have done that. Now my brother is mad at me. I told him its his problem not mine. Now my mom is getting on me for doing that. Was I wrong
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SpovaInnope : Nope. You did the right thing. He needs to take the responsibility.
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KallIlliccala : Just bcuz someone does something to you doesn't mean that gives you the right to do it back to them. Even if it feels really good getting revenge you shouldn't do that.
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glubalpcrulge : You might want to ask his permission next time. And it kind of is your problem. If you gave out his info without permission than that is just like faking a signature. I don't know what to do about it but that's all that I got
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Roafjoydayfew : My ex and I were together about 5 yrs and broke up at the top of this yr. I did something twice to make him very angry and break the trust he had in me. After the second time he really cut communication down and was angry and bitter. I knew I had things to work on so I give him space and worked on it. He started coming around slowly talking to me more and more and hanging out every 2weeks or so. Now we hang whenever he comes home and we can do so. He's started to trust me again and will hug and kiss me but ik he isn't ready to jump back into a serious committed relationship which I'm not rushing bc we both have been on lock down for a while and we need to continue building back trust before hopping into anything again. And just a few days ago, we had sex(only the 2nd time in the 5yrs) so there's no doubt that we still feel some type of way towards each other. It's whatever, buttt we both start school in 3weeks and will be 1 1/2hrs away and I don't have a car. We dealt with this last school yr but now he is about to graduate and he needs to save money to get a new car, pay his bills, etc and he may be taking on 2jobs this yr also. I play bball so us both being busy is nothing new but now it'll be even harder and frustrating. Were getting back into the groove and on good terms and now only have 3weeks left before the distance and being busy and no sex. We just started doing it 3months ago and the 1&2time were 2months apart so we know how that'll be but should I tell him we should stop now bc it'll be few and far between once I leave for school? We were together 4 1/2yrs w/o any sex and have only done it 2x so we won't die but I'm sure that'll be harder&frustrating for him now that we've started. We aren't based on that but sex aside should we even try to be together with so many things about to happen for him upon graduating? It's hard bc were so close that ik we aren't just gonna stop talkin even if we don't get together officially or talk to other ppl.So what to do?
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