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Mobfabybrirty : I live in NC and was headed up to D.C. to celebrate our countries independence and got pulled over on I-85 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Cop cited me for going 84 in a 70 mph zone which in NC would just be a speeding ticket but apparently in VA, anything over 80 is automatically reckless driving which is a class 1 misdemeanor in this wonderful state. However, on the ticket it says that I am summoned to appear in the General District Court (Traffic), not the General District Court (Criminal).
So I am confused as to whether or not this is a misdemeanor since I don't have to go to criminal court. I have had a couple tickets in the past but its been several years since the last one and I currently have 0 points on my license. Should I hire an attorney? Anyone know of a good traffic lawyer in Mecklenburg Co? Thanks!

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likelucyru : Her energy bills probably triple what we pay just for mortgage.
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doristop : She has more friends than you

Which isn't hard
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TopTV : Because she is probably saving those rooms from when the 2016 elections results in another White man running the oval office.
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Gromisilsss : Now conservatives are actively hating rich people. Wow.
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nunkCurpittee : Maybe it's a hotel.
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AnthonyCH : Most likely so every student of the entire school she founded and financed in South Africa can come to visit.

So why do you hate Oprah? Is it her race or her gender, because I notice you didn't call her a job creator like you're supposed to.
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Abnolermed : One for herself, and 299 for her collection of girdles.
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zakladykliczko : Because for some reason she would not be considered part of the evil "1%" since she is Black, liberal, and not an enemy of Obama. Its amazing how selective the demonization of the rich is. Obama is in the "1%" too. He made $2 million last year.
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nuappifania : This idea some conservatives have that you cannot be very rich and own one or many luxury properties and still be a Liberal is very strange. Especially considering there are many Liberal millionaires who disprove this such as Warren Buffett, the Kennedy's, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros and of course President Obama.

Oprah is a billionaire and like the vast majority of people as wealthy as she is she has numerous properties, this has nothing to do with "need" for any of them. Her largest property as far as I am aware is in Montecito, California, having seen photographs of the property it seems hardly likely it has 300 rooms unless they are very small rooms. Unlike many billionaires she has given tens of millions of dollars to charity making her the greatest black philanthropist in American history, yet conservatives still try to demonise her.
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