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Yopemrlde : ok so my brother was in the passengers seat with his friend who was driving when he was 17 and some guy hit them going 50 and my brothers pheemer broke.. the insurance gave my brother 100k! there were witnesses and everything the guy admitted it to, all my brothers lawyer really did was make a few phone calls do a little paper work didnt even go to court and he gets 33 THOUSAND dollars in my mind my father should have had the right to contact the insurance company and have a check sent to him there was no reason that lawyer should have walked away with 33,000$ of MY brothers money there wasnt even a case or anything.. and alot of people bust there balls and dont even make 33k a YEAR and this lawyer barley dies any work and gets that... pathetic ! tell me what u think? do i sound fair?

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FZRaymond : You hired him.. You knew the percent..
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omittedut : Next time don't sign a contingency agreement with the attorney and play a straight hourly charge. The lawyer won this case, lots of other cases they don't win and they don't get any money in that case.

Your dad still owes the money even if the insurance company sent him the check directly since he signed a contract for the law case. There's no point to agreeing to something and then later complaining about it later than you think it's too much, your Dad had the choice not to sign the contract.
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gilelditout : Well, seeing as your dad DIDN'T contact the insurance company, and DIDN'T spend thousands of dollars to go to law school... then maybe Dad would not have gotten anything at all.
By the way.. there was a case, or nothing would have been paid. They settled it before having to take it to court. Dad would have had to go to court and spend his time, and not know WHAT he was doing.
Dad had the right. He was smart enough to know when to hire a lawyer.
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Allolacib : He had ONE broken bone and you think he did not get enough...............your father signed the contract I shall assume his reading skills are better than yours and that he KNEW what he was signing............

No you do not sound fair, you sound money grabbing and frankly your brother got a lot more than most do for a simple should also be happy that the other guy had insurance.
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StoomyTog : First, your brother broke his femur, not his pheemer.

The reason the attorney walked away with that money is because of the contract your father signed saying he was fine with that amount.

There was a lot more to it that the lawyer did, but you are oblivious to that. First, they have to get all of the information together - witness statements, medical records, medical bills, projections on future medical costs. This takes a lot of time and money to do. And the attorney takes on the whole risk. If somewhere in the middle of it all it turns out your brother was at fault or by some rule of law he couldn't recover (say there was no insurance), the attorney takes the hit.They spend all their money and time on a case and get nothing for it. The front all the money for the case as well, taking a risk. Then negotiation is not as easy as you think. There is a lot of back and forth to a case and selling them on the money you want. You are also paying for the lawyers professional knowledge and experience.

Your father signed an agreement saying he will pay the 1/3. If he didn't want to do that, he didn't have to sign it. He could have tried to negotiate it all himself. If your family had done this without a lawyer, he might have been lucky to get $10K above the medical bills. Unless he is permanently disabled or had massive medical bills, 100K is an excellent settlement and the attorney did a good job.

That money is not pure profit - the attorney has to pay for receptionists, secretaries, file clerks, billing clerks, paralegals, the office, phones, computers, internet, all kinds of things. Running a law office isnt' free.

How about, instead of whining, you go back to school because your post is not even close to literate. You want to make that kind of money, then get an education, go to law school (which means seven years of college), amass a huge debt in the process, pass the state bar (very difficult) and then spend a bunch of money creating a practice and establishing a reputation.
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enurmouse : I have a light bill due on the 5th. Today's the 31st. Problem. I won't be able to pay the bill until the 28th (I'll get a lump sum of money.) What are the steps the energy company goes through before they shut off lights? I gave them a 200 dollar deposit when I enrolled.
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Mexteendy : With the occupation of Chemical Engineering, I will make around $80000 a year. However, I am a strong Christian and believe that material goods aren't everything, so I want to donate some of my money to the poor. However, I don't want to give away so much money to where I dont have enough to pay for my debts (Bills, food, rent, etc). I might have 1 TV in my house and maybe a cell phone, and if I start a non for profit organization, I maybe will need a laptop to manage finances. I live in NC, and my question is how much do you think I could live on and still be in good shape??? Thanks!
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RobertsCoinq : 30,000
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HotestMan : just how much you think is needed for your is great but always have a savings for emergencies
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