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heageweesee : Several months ago I broke up with my boyfriend, who I lived with. Our first apartment together, my
grandma gave us $5,000 to move in and right after we moved in I discovered he was trying to cheat on me. I was absolutely horrified and heartbroken. I was only 18, came from an abusive home, my grandma helped us so much, I was going to school there, etc. so I was scared to leave so soon. To make up for it I guess he pretty much paid for everything. I never paid rent or paid any bills. After a few months my grandma got sick so I left to go take care of her and i stopped seeing him. He continued to pursue a relationship with me so we were kind of off and on but mostly off. During one of these off periods he decided to move out of our old apartment without even telling me. He left it a mess (which he knows was a huge no no there) an) and I had no idea he did this and racked up a bill of almost $2,000 with them when I (and my mom who cosigned) were still on the lease.

We ended up getting back together eventually and moved back in together to a new apartment. Again I found out he had tried to cheat so I dumped him but continued to live there. When I refused to take him back he threw me out because I wasn't on the lease even though there is no lease, which is illegal I think. After I left, that's when I finally found out about the old apartment bill because they came after my mom and I. To avoid going to the court date which was when my mom had to take a trip, she went ahead and paid it and my ex swore he'd pay her back.

Its been 3 months and I still haven't gotten all my things back even though I ask every week for months - he always has an excuse. And I haven't gotten the money back. Now he's started threatening me claiming he doesn't owe me any money because he basically took care of me for free. But he did cheat on me and made it miserable to live with him. He claims he talked to a lawyer who said he should sue me for all that unpaid rent and bills while my mom's considering suing him for the $1300 bill he owes her.

Is there anything legally I can do to him? And could he actually counter-sue and make me pay all this money?
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evanpc19i : You signed the lease, you owed the landlord money, ex paid your portion to the landlord, you owe ex the money. Even if you weren't living there, even if he cheated on you.

But it sounds like he owes your mom money. That doesn't offset what you owe him (you aren't your mom)

This sounds like a situation where a mediator (some one you both trust) should sit down and figure out who owes what. Its not going to come out even, neither of your is going to think its fair (if neither of you think its fair, thats a hint that it is actualy fair) , but it will let you be done with each other and get on with your lives.
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Nisyventiosse : Most of people say that rich people actually steal from poor people. And the worlds most wealth is in the hand of the 10% of people.
But i think it's not true, yes rich have most of the money, but it doesn't mean they have the all wealth.
Like if you think about materialistic wealth, rich have money, but it doesn't mean that they have all the water, food, buildings, lands, animals, plants, lives, air or other things on earth.
I think that rich people are wealthy by money they have, but i don't think that they steal from the poor.
Like they don't take your food, house, water, air or other stuff for life.

Also most people say that rich steal from poor people via business.
But i think actually business is important and actually doesn't steal from anyone.

Bill Gates is the richest man, he became richest man by creating softwares and selling them.
Does this count on stealing?

So what do you think?
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bestkunmaza : You have to look at individual cases and not generalize, for instance Bill Gates become millionaire before he had any employees. He has made many of his employees multimillionaire.

On the other hand, meet my boss. he has 30 employees. Each of the employees bring 100,000 dollar to the business a year. The employees, make an average of 20,000 a year each. My boss makes 80,000 x 20 = 1,600,000 a year. The employees even have to pay for parking space at work, deducted monthly from the paycheck even when some, like me, ride a bike to work more than 50% of the time.

I just tell the facts. Don't think anything.
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Arrilbotono : I am 15 about to be 16 in a couple months. My dad left me and my sister ever since we were small. I only talked to him once like 5 months ago and he didn't say much he didn't even say sorry about leaving or gave me a reason why. He lives in mexico & My sister and I and my mom live in California. I tried calling him and asking him to send me money or at least to call me more often but he doesn't and he has a new family over there and a son who is 7 or 8 years old. I need money, I hate asking my mother for money because she has to pay rent , our phone bills, clothes etc, I just don't want to ask her for money. I think it's time my father starts sending me money or at least do something because I need his help, i'm not asking for lots of money but anything is good enough.
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EasedSokStoks : Yes, ! and if you have a sister also, and depending on your personal situation your mom could get alot of money, but she has to legally sign up for it and talk to agent or something.
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teexarige : I think in not sure but since hes in Mexico it makes things harder because he doesn't have to go by USA laws since hes in mexico
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Maccullam : Yes she can,but unless your dad is in a good financial position,I doubt you'll get anything,if the court orders him to pay,that order can only be enforced within the US.
But if he ever returns to the States,and gets a job,the DA,could garnish part of his paycheck,since he actually owes,probably in excess of 100 thousand dollars.
I hope your mom,does go after him,I wish you all good luck.
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ozrf4332 : Cause my friend made it and she doesnt know so like where do i find the adress card holder name stuff...
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kehokimeFop : My boyfriend keeps getting boils on his body...mostly on inner thighs, chest or legs. He says he has gotten them pretty much all his life.
I helped his drain one yesterday. I held a hot wash cloth on it for little while. I got the "head" of it out which looked a lot like a little black blood clot. As soon as that came out yellowish white stuff ooozed out fast.
It just kept coming till it slowed down and them clear/light pink stuff I'm guessing mixed with blood started coming out. I didn't squeeze it...he told me not it hurt him too bad. So i kinda pushed on it gently while kinda stretching the skin, makingthe infection come out.

I couldn't get anymore out. T the boil is the size and shape of a large egg. He has scars all over thighs from them.

But I'm really worried cause i can't get him to go to the er...the boil is hot to the touch and red. I'm so scared the infection spread or will sutras to his blood and he'll get blood poisoning. He don't have health insurance through work, and dingy want a big bill from a ER so idk what to do but I'm worried about him. He had another one, not ad big but its hurting him bad. He's having hard time working.

Anything to do to help rid of the infection....and any ideas on preventing them? His momgets them sometimes, so i don't know if its just something that runs in the family...but i hate seeing him in such pain and need some ideas please!!!!!
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