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artethybesy : 32 legal secretaries for every 16 lawyers and 12 paralegals for every4lawyers how many legalsecretariesmust the firm have

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paasathkaqaas : Enough.
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Roafjoydayfew : Without a single fixed number the answer cannot be determined - all you have given is relative ratios.
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Weennybuffvob : the household uses(in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF). When graphed the function gives a line with a slope of 1.65. If the monthly cost for 20 HCP is 26.69 what is the monthly cost for 25 HCF.
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Pusakates : I know the phone bill shows all the texts and phone calls you make. But I'm looking for an app that shows me how often and how much I text or call certain people. For example, it would tell me that I've text my mom 12 times and called her 3 times. I want to see who I text the most and who I'm on the phone with the most. Thank you :)
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bypxlnline : My new job simply isn't cutting it. I have serious bills to pay. My boyfriend and I are moving into our own place together and I want to contribute to our living expenses. Also...we have a baby to support as well as ourselves! Now don't get me wrong my boyfriend makes good money and takes care of home to the best of his ability but I need steady income. I wouldn't feel comfortable not making enough money to support myself and my family alone if I needed to because you never know what can happen in life. This new job is nothing like the manager told me it would be. I have very VERY little hours and can't claim underemployment because they have me as an Independent Contractor which I am not instead of an employee. I've only been there for 2 months but this job is not working out for me and I need to live simple as that. Do you think me leaving this unstable job can hurt me at my job interview for another position? Don't we all work mainly to provide and survive afterall I have no choice but to get a new stable job.
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NineOfrancs : Your more likely to land a job while you have a job. If you leave your job you can't get unemployment and you will have no income until you land a new job in this poor economy.
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NQbambi : A child molester had my phone number before it was regenerated and given to me. I have had this number for over a year and no matter what I do I get daily phone calls from lawyers, bill collectors, doctors, and even his church. I occasionally get text messages in the middle of the night that are undoubtedly meant for him. I decided this morning that I would call the family business that he works for (it's listed on the sex offender website) every single time I get a call from someone looking for him until I find another way to resolve this issue. I have spoken to so many callers who assure me that my number is being removed from their database yet the calls keep coming. Because of the frequency of the calls and the fact that this has been going on for so long, I believe that he is still giving out the phone number under the guise that it is his.

Aside from calling his parents every time I receive a phone call from him, is there anything I can do without changing my phone number? Can I pursue legal action? Should I contact our local parole office? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am in Indiana if that helps.
*I have reported several of the callers who refuse to stop calling to the FCC and the phone calls actually stopped from those callers.

*I stated that he is a registered sex offender because I personally do not want to be affiliated in any fashion to any adult who finds it acceptable to have sexual relations with children. It was also pertinent to the question asked because I would like to know if I can report this to his parole officer. I am genuinely disgusted by the people who have posted comments bashing me for pointing out that he is a child molester even though no identifying details were given about this man. I find it sickening that people will eagerly jump to the defense of someone who ruined a child's life.

*If you don't have something constructive to say, please don't bother commenting. I am asking for legitimate answers, not opinions and rants. Thank you.
*The point of calling his place of employment isn't actually to relay the messages. I just tell them that I received another phone call for him and the number still needs to be changed. I am honestly hoping to annoy them to the point where they handle the situation.

*As far as the suggestions about changing my phone number, that is not a viable option for me right now.
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Escossebroods : All you can do is change your number.
Or you can take the number of the caller and tell them that you are filing charges for harassment against them.
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profileback498 : Well, no. I mean, it doesn't matter who the guy is you get the calls, and if you don't want to wait a long time to get everyone to realize they've got a wrong number, then I'd advise you it's much simpler to change your own number. And you aren't obliged to forward messages or calls, Just tell callers, "sorry he doesn't have this number any longer and I don't know him at all." You can tell his family "Please have him go tell everyone his new number because I'm not going to forward any more messages." You could put an announcement on your answering message to that effect "Do not leave message for Joe, this is not his phone".
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