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Uristtraift : I want to sell the house to aid me to pay off my mortgage for my current house. I have moved out of the house for quite a few years as there isn't enough room in the house for my husband and three children. The house has 2 spare rooms which I wanted to lease to make some extra money but my mother refused, so I did not mention it again. The house has had so many problems that my husband has had to fix and he is fed up with it, so I tried to talk her into selling it. She was reluctant at first but most of my siblings supported it as long as we found her a new house which I agreed and she seemed to agree. My youngest sister has been struggling for some time, her husband isn't the most honest person has a bad financial record. He always my mother, siblings and I to borrow money and doesn't repay us unless we ask for it and even if he does, he pays us back over a year later. He's been chased by debt collectors, printed over the newsletters, ran overseas. He's just the most unreliable person and they have 4 children and apparently struggle to pay rent. He called me when he heard I was trying to sell my mother and I's house to ask if he could buy my share, when prior to that he called me to ask if borrow money to pay his rent (to which I responded with a no). My younger sister even tried to ask my mother if she could move in and my mother said she would never let her and her family move in. I honestly feel sorry for the children, but I know they do not struggle as much as they make it out. My sister is jobless while her husband is self-employed and has owned quite a few failed businesses. All was good and i was looking for a new home for my mother when suddenly she backed out and no longer wanted to sell it. So my brother stepped in and agreed to buy my share. He has a good financial record and I know I can trust him but we are getting it sorted legally. However, I found out that through another brother that my mother's intention is to let my sister and her family live with them. This has probably been her intention ever since I moved out. I am so angry and upset I feel used I don't know what to do. What happens when my mother passes away? What if they never move out because they never have to pay rent? The other half of the house that is still with my mother belongs to my siblings and I. My brother in law is the biggest asshole and I feel like this is all out of control.

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WhorgeAllergy : What you can do depend an the kind of joint ownership you have, It usually takes the consent of both owners to sell, However it sound like you are in more need of family counseling than a lawyer.
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Mosugeb : This way it doesn't sound as ethnic
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theomarttesf : No.. There is no such thing as free healthcare..
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Gymnmoopamb : who is Regan?
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olgabuzova : Its not the effin name spank daddy its the stupid way it will effect us.
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dsyez001 : Once again, there is no such thing as free health care no matter whose name you put in front of it.
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esyez011 : They did:

Republican presidential icon Ronald Reagan imposed his own national healthcare mandate on the country. The mandate is well know today — it requires emergency rooms to treat anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay — but the fact that Reagan signed it into law is often forgotten.

By the mid 1980s, so-called patient dumping had became a major concern. The practice involved hospitals transferring patients in need of medical attention to other institutions to avoid footing the bill, or even discharging them before they were properly treated. One influential study of Cook County, Ill., which contains Chicago, found that patients transferred because they lacked insurance were twice as likely to die as those treated at the transferring hospital. The vast majority of these transfers were for the hospitals’ financial reasons, even though it delayed care and jeopardized patients’ health. Physician organizations had policies in place mandating that hospitals treat everyone “regardless of race, creed, sex, nationality, or sources of payment for care,” as the bylaws from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals read, but without the force of law behind them, they were often ignored and people went without care.

In 1986, Congress passed the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which contained the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. The law requires hospitals to treat patients in need of emergency care regardless of their ability to pay, citizenship or even legal status. It applies to any hospital that takes Medicare funds, which is virtually every hospital in the country.
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pGavinBuckleyl : The fact that you think Obamacare is free health care shows your blind allegiance. The same blind allegiance that you are trying to call out critical thinking Conservatives on.
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Android Phones : PPACA is not "free healthcare". Maybe you didn't take an economics class but there is no "free" anything.

The name of a thing is unimportant.
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