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typeJeplay : Another sick person to deal with.

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wpthwddc : Yes. it doesn't matter what it's called, it matters that it will be one of the policies of obama that destroys America.
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Lislemiimpepe : There is no such thing as "free" health care. If you think Obamacare is free then you are hopelessly ignorant. It will prove to be prohibitively expensive, no matter what you call it.
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nztjqvbovxna : Was I wrong for giving out my brother's number. My brother used my number without my permission as a reference when he got credit cards or bank account and so on. Well he have changed his number and now the creditors are calling me all the time. At first I informed my brother that I am getting calls from bill collectors he wasn't to concern about it. So I got fed up with the calls and I just gave them his number. Its his problems not mines. He even gave them my cell phone number. My mother said I should not have done that. Now my brother is mad at me. I told him its his problem not mine. Now my mom is getting on me for doing that. What am I suppose to do just do nothing and my phone is ringing all the time for him. He is an adult . Was I wrong
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cealBoisyBole : I may be the only one to say this but I think you did the right thing. I have gotten collection calls for 6 years for someone who gave my number as theirs. I even got a call about a summons to court that wasn't mine. I get so darn mad every time this happens. it is not fair to avoid your responsibilities and put someone else through the harassment of these embarrassing calls. Especially your own brother. Shame on him and shame on your mother. They are WRONG.
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KellWen : Well it's his bank account there's nothing bad about it
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ylmkskevmzx : I just recently took my car to a garage to be problem that need to be fix was electrical problem my car battery would not stay charge...they told me my problem was I had a open wire own my harness...the bill price 240 no new parts just labor
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tireargueme : Sure sounds like it. Take it to another garage or
a dealer repair shop.
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enurmouse : Depends how long they had to poke about to find the problem. If it was an hour of work, that's a bit much - a half-day, about right. Some problems take a bit of time to troubleshoot.
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ImmetleFake : That kind of seems right for 4-5 hours of labor, but an experienced mechanic should be able to identify the problem in an hour, and locate the sucker in 2-3 hours. Wiring harnesses tend to run in really hard-to-access places, so you have all this extra labor just to measure continuity in a particular corner. It's probably within $50-$100 of being a scam. For me, not enough to stress over.
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