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RichardDR : My boyfriend got me a promise ring and it looks EXACTLY like this one that i saw online somewhere:

It was $160 on that website, but it was a few payments so it was like 300 or something total? He got it from a jewelry store in the mall and won't tell me what one lol. He spent like 100 on mine though. Are the diamonds most likely real or fake? I feel like 100 is too much to pay for serling silver and cubic zirconia but not enough for a ring that has diamonds that big... That's why im so confused :l

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carpinteyroefw : Well they are probably not real just crystal!
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blepulkencume : if he paid $100 he either got it on a good sale, or it's probably lab-created white sapphire.

and that ring style is ev-er-y-where, so don't judge it based on that websites prices
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JedoLuddy : It's hard to tell the size of the stones by looking at the picture. If they're small and set in sterling silver, it's feasible. Every fine jewelry store should have a diamond tester, so if you're really that curious you could always go into one sometime and ask them to test it. (Try to pick a week day or a time when they're not busy. They'll be more happy to help you that way lol.)

Side note: I wouldn't do it while he's with you. Whether they're real or not, it's embarrassing for guys to be dragged in and have a gift tested in front of them. I've seen it happen and it's very uncomfortable.
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SamuelX4 : I just want to know.
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Pesepiopabs : The color of the diamond doesn't really matter.
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RoorINuhbor : Blue, by a LOOOONG ways.
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Artedeendulse : My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon and its one day before our one month anniversery btw, its two little hearts that are encrusted with diamonds all the way around (from Kay) i just need a cute way to give it to her...any ideas???
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iandefton : give her in a little box.. or give her a rose and a very long letter and attach something in the back of the rose with the necklacee..
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europsSpoorma : Go to a fair and put the necklace on her in the hall of mirrors.
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