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Groolipioli : I was doing some research to see how often people clean their jelwery, and some do it everyday! I clean mine once a month......I would think it would be to harsh to clean them everyday?
I have numerous pieces of jewlery...diamond earrings, gold rings with diamonds, diamond and gemstone necklaces, crystal jewlery.
I know how to clean them ALL, but would be cleaning them once every day, or every other day be too much and damage them?

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victoriajannyQ : I would only recommend cleaning jewellery as needed. If you wear a silver necklace every day and it tends to oxidise quickly, then I would wipe it over lightly with a silver polishing cloth after each wear. If you wore a ring with detail (stampings/ stones etc) and were doing messy things in it (mixing dough, gardening etc.,) then I would clean it every day too. But if you only wear it occasionally and store it appropriately, then the occasional clean is enough.

Jewellery polishing cloths contain polishing compounds that will be rubbing away a very tiny amount of metal with each clean. Cleaning gems and pearls with detergents and cleaning agents could damage the stones.

Overall its better to take a conservative approach - once a month as you are doing seems quite sufficient - if you're only storing them you could leave it longer.
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Louisepolia1999 : cleaning jewelry everyday? that's seems too much... cleaning the item you wear and using a soft cloth to clean it after taking it back to jewelry box; not necessary to clean all the jewelry day by day, that's also a kind of damaging
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Madison3528j :
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seettyDoums : Most likely are just lower quality. But thats pretty cool. ifyou run a diamond shop, I'd sell those 4 a lot
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sageseepamb : Most diamonds fluoresce under U.V. radiation and they glow in a range of colours including blue. green, yellow and, rarely, even red. This has no effect on the value of the finished stone which will be graded using the normal 4 C's system without taking fluorescence into consideration.
There is one exception to this rule however. Occasionally a diamond is found that has a very high level of fluorescence which can be seen with the naked eye when viewed in daylight (daylight contains a proportion of U.V. radiation depending on its brightness). This gives the stones a strange appearance rather like the colour petrol seems to have in sunlight, this is termed "Over Blue" in the trade. This effect does result in the stone having a lower value as they are distinctly less attractive than normal stones.
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operforGowrib :
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movealietle : FIRST ONE DEF.
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Kuolermef : nope.
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torpwelmeo : No. It's just a return on the interest you paid or if no interest paid, a discount on the purchases you make.

It's like paying 5 cents more per gallon of gas if you use a debit card vs a lower price for cash payments. The 5 cent savings for cash payment is not taxable income to you.
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