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ringajm150 : I need a new bracelet to replace mine that I so sadly lost, and I`ve always loved my friend`s Betsey Johnson stuff. I never see her wearing it for too long though, so I was wondering if it`s real. Like, real gold or silver or whatever. I doubt it`s real diamonds, but I just basically don`t want to spend 80some dollars on something that may or may not turn my wrist green, or tarnish- you know?
So is it real?

Thank you in advanced. =]
Sooooo, it`s not real- but will it turn colors on me?

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dokoccund : its not real but its like a cheaper version of juicy couture! i have a betsy johnson necklace that i got for $40 dollars and i wear it all the time! o and t.j.max has B.J. jewelry thats cheaper :-)
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torgonitoh : Betsey Johnson, usually has SOME things that are real, but most are not true but look fantastic! I LOVE BEtsey Johnson! Shes my favorite designer and i love everything by her! NO one in my school knows who she is. Shame ful! Well anyway, yeah. Most of it is fake (but amazing and totally worth it) but she does have real gold stuff.

Cheers for betsey johnson fans! (:
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messkaddy : some items are real, low-priced items are made of cheap metals and could make your wrist green
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NUAKYPHYDAY : I'm referring to black diamonds used in jewelry? anthracite, onyx, actual diamonds....anyone know?
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Torrentyzadarmo : Its an actual diamond
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advagemyham : carbon
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NathanaelXM : All diamonds are made from carbon. But, some have impurities in them, which gives them a specific color, instead of the colorless "white" diamonds that are the most common.
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Icupybe : "Black Diamond" was a bastardized trade name for black onyx which was never registered/trademarked so far as I remember. It skirted US Trade Laws requiring accurate descriptions of gemstones. I know specular hematite was also used once the fad spread. Black Diamond was typically poorly faceted shards fashioned into earrings and bands. This arose in the 70's I recall because I had to explain to clients that they had paid out $100s for $1 material. Lay people are slow to comprehend the difference--it is called diamond after all.

Terrestrial black diamonds are semi rare and so impregnated with graphite as to be non cutable. Effectively they are defective diamonds!

There is a black polymorph of diamond called "carbonado" used in drills which is so hard it can not be polished with regular diamond dust. It is sorted by size and physically embedded in metal of the drill bit. Carbonado is found in Africa and South America. The consensus of its origin is that it is extraterrestrial --probably a comet like body which struck when the two Continents were joined 300-400 million years ago ( Gonawanda)
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Skigulp : Black Diamonds, aka Alaska Black Diamonds, are not diiamonds at all, but are hematite Fe2O3.
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