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qndrew2012 : So this ring was found in this old abandoned house. The ring is 14k and the inside of the ring reads - 14k* (yes it has a little star shape next to the 14k) and on the other side of the inside there are two tiny little stamps that look like an engagement ring (just an engraved circle with an engraved dot on the top) and one that is just a circle". BUT, the diamond in it seemed weird looking, not a perfect circle and just a different looking cut than we have ever seen before. So we took the diamond out from the setting and weighed it, but only on a tenths gram scale, and it weighed .2g so we know that its AT LEAST a carat. We then took the diamond to a jewelry store to have the diamond test done to it, that little pencil looking thing they press up against it to see if its a diamond, and it turns out its real. The guy there said it looked like a old mine cut (which after further investigation on the internet it seems it is) but that there was a tiny tiny chip on the end of where one of the prongs of the ring setting held it in place. We didn't ask the guy how much it was worth or anything because we didn't want to pay to have it appraised yet. The chip is not even noticeable by eye. But we were wondering does this chip affect value, even though it could be hidden behind the prong in the setting if put back in? How much is a 1.0-1.5ct old miners cut diamond worth? Should we get it appraised? We don't know if we should get it appraised or if we should have the diamond re-cut like the guy at the jewelry store said or what? Someone please help!! Thanks!

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Eleseeunloate : If you don't want to keep it get it appraised.
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carpinteyroonk : some as large as boulders or as small as virus? Were there and are there still " black carbon clouds " circling the planet. Carbon is plentiful on earth and man has added none that he did not take from other sources, and we are after all 'carbon based'
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malborosek : There is no evidence that this ever happened on Earth.

Venus, on the other hand, *is* known to have diamonds that rain down from the sky. The atmospheric pressure is so high that it creates them high in the air and evaporates them before they hit the ground.

Almost all of the carbon that makes up the living matter on Earth was created in stars like our sun. They turn hydrogen (the simplest element) into helium (the second-simplest) and the byproduct of this constant fusion is even heavier elements like iron and carbon. When those stars die, they spew their material out into the universe and are eventually collected in clouds of dust that become planets like ours.
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jeneIncizeped : Geologists and other scientists have indeed discovered diamonds that are a result of meteor impact - but never as big as boulders. They're all microscopic in size. Too bad; it'd be fun to be able to explore where large meteors have fallen and occasionally come up with a fist-sized gem, wouldn't it?
As for the carbon cloud - yes, there are such clouds - but clouds circling Earth that are closer than Mars - nope, there aren't. But here's a fascinating thing: there are indeed vast clouds of carbon and other materials way, way out there - and there are also clouds, the nearest of which is a thousand times the volume of space occupied within our solar system - that are made of ethyl alcohol - the kind we drink!
Damn, there IS a heaven, after all - it's made of beer! God is an Irishman, begorrah! Except that - well, it'd really have to be thoroughly and carefully filtered, 'cause it's also combined with all kinds of highly toxic "stuff". Ah, ya just knew there hadda be a catch, didn't ya? *sigh* Guess we'll have to keep getting our Guinness from Auld Eire, eh? Heaven's been right here on Earth all the time...
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FliesDigGense : We copy the method that produces diamond, but it does occur naturally, and certainly can happen elsewhere besides earth, even in what we see as empty space!
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PoitoProvemog :
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Grooimaar : yes
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advoloSailm : one card is all you need, if you don't get this one look into secured cards,,, just make sure you pay off each month for everything you spend,,, don't play games of paying minimums --- ever
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kartonnik : The only way to build credit is to USE credit. Credit cards, car loans, paying back student loans. Paying phone bills, rent, and other utilities DO NOT build credit like some people think.
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