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evaBorkJeoke : I know, you shouldn't label, but I just wanna search up fashion that's similar to mine for inspiration. I like skirts more than pants.

Pink is my favorite color, but I like to WEAR these colors:
-Military Green
-Pale Pink
-Tea Rose
-Royal Blue
-Gray (All shades)
-Dark Brown

I like these types of details:
-Sophisticated Gold Buttons
-Horizontal Nautical Stripes
-Diagonal Stripes
-Chiffon Detailing

Clothes types:
-Button Up Shirts
-Dressy Blouses
-V Neck Cashmere Sweaters
-A-Line Wool Coats
-Black/Tan Leather Zip-Up Jackets
-Pencil Skirts
-Pleated Wool Skirts
-Dark Rinse Skinny Jeans
-Knit Sweater Tights
-Opaque Black Tights
-Patterned Tights
-Fitted Blazers
-Long Sleeve Cardigans
-Knee High Socks
-Thigh High Socks
-Black Ankle Boots
-Nude Platform Heels
-Silver Strappy Rhinestoned Stilletos
-Black Open-Toe Slingback Wedges
-Black Suede Over-the-knee Flat Boots
-Dark Brown Leather Boots
-Tall Chocolate UGGS
-Short Chestnut UGGS
-Pearl Necklaces
-Diamond Studs
-Designer Purses/Jewelery

I don't like jewelery that much so I don't go heavy on it. But I wear more jewelry on fancy/special occasions.

I think I'm romantic-preppy-chic?
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Uloyalyday : Romantic-preppy-chic sounds about right.
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perthuycharsupp : ramantic preppy chickish
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songfeng109 : classic but following trends kind of girl
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irinapefraumenas : You sound like a person to me.
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abvc2r55 : At (make sure you include the S) they ask you questions about what you like and don't like and analyze your style, tell you what to call your style, and make shopping recommendations based on that.
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xrvqxuo774 : apparently i won 3 rings that are originally priced @ $49.99 each says they'ew "genuine" which im not sure what that a 50$ ring usually fake or slightly is emerald,others genuine diamond and gold plated accent solitaire, and other is genuine black onyx... which one sounds real ? lol....
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spooppils : Diamonds are very easy to check with a device that tests heat conductivity--jewelers and pawn shops can verify in under a minute for you. Emeralds are much harder to verify and require an experienced person like a gemologist. Black onyx is the most common of the three and most jewelers could probably tell.
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teriolley : The diamonds are probably real but poor quality.
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FliecizeMep : 'Genuine' means 'real'. Whether the stones are genuine is another matter. And should they be real, it'd wrong to assume that means they must be valuable.
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