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jihuo1408g61 : Describe it :D

Mine is a white and diamond bikini, custom made for 300$ I wear it for tanning by my pool.

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DjokerDer : $546
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srfecti644 : I mean when the black part from the mining hasn't been scraped off yet.
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EpildKitillek : An uncut diamond is usually known as a raw diamond
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Abinicambicus : I have my dress=

And I have my shoes=

But now I need to figure out what to put with them, as in jewelry.Thanks! (:
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kupasadlao : A sliver chain with crystal pendant, (doesn't need to be real) and a big ring, silver.
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DodyAppedly : When 2 people share a credit card is it possible for the person who is not the main account holder to become completely responsible for the debt and remove the main person from the account completely?
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marcinovolok : If the account is joint the only is if the main signer dies.

Other then that the only way to do this is to close the account and transfer any balance to another card in your name only.

If your a authorized user your not responsible for paying the account and can not take it over even if the primary dies.

Good luck.
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TarQuarmDap : As a joint account, there is no primary and secondary account holder. You are both equal. The Credit History on the account builds and destroys your credit score equally. It sounds more like you are talking about a traditional credit card arrangement, where there is ONE person responsible for the card, and then one or more Authorized Users.

For a joint account, the other party must die or one of you must call to close the account in order to severe the relationship.

For an authorized user, they cannot take over the account. If the person the card was issued dies, then the account is closed.
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reetemics : The account is the responsibility of the person who applied for the card. That person can "authorize" others to use the account, but the others are in NO WAY responsible for the debt owed.

The person who is not the account holder can not remove the account holder from the account at all. I that person wants their own personal credit card, they would have to make an application with the card issuing company.

There is a difference in a "joint" account and being an authorized user of an other person's account. Credit cards (to my knowledge) are never issued in joint accounts in the USA unless something has changed recently.
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