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Jamesgos : I'm going to my friends sweet 16 soon and this is the firsat sweet 16 I was invited to. I have most of my outfit planned out so far but i'm unsure if its good becuase I never went to a sweet 16 before. I don't know what to do with my hair! and I don't know if I should wear a necklace or not. Also I want to know if you think my outfit is ok......


RING (looks like this) :

BRACELET(looks like this) :

EARRINGS (like this but longer) :


SHOES (except mine have silver bows on the back) :

So what do you think? Do the shoes match or should I change them? and hairstyle suggestions? My hair is long straight and dirty blonde with blonde highlights. Thanks :)
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maolekmtol : The links all say access denied pls re-uploud them.
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frontruntex : That dress is amazing!!! The ring is so pretty too, and the shoes will go well with the dress :) you could do many things with your hair, you could curl it or have it straight or even some nice waves which always looks really nice on anyone, especially long hair that you have! Bonus!
If I was wearing that I would curl my hair, but soft curls so it's all wavy and pretty :D
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CPJames : super selection.
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Effitswes : theres dif one like black and yellowish, but is there a real black one that isnt man made?
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wd69irnuwb : yes
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Allolacib : There is the Carbonado
Carbonado, commonly known as the "Black Diamond", is a natural polycrystalline diamond found in alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Its natural colour is black or dark grey, and it is more porous than other diamonds.
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StoomyTog : Diamond occurs in all colors.
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Reetuevilkink : Yes there is. Natural black diamonds owe their colour to a very heavy concentration of graphite inclusions within the stone. The vast majority of these stones are impossible to polish as the polishing process cuts the surface of the diamond down exposing the graphite inclusions which break out leaving minute pits creating a dull surface. There are, however a few exceptions to this situation. The vast majority of black diamonds on the market are prepared from natural diamonds that are of too bad a colour and too included to have any commercial value at all, these stones are heavily irradiated which turns them to a green which is so dark that it looks black.
These stones are rubbish and their popularity is nothing but a fashion fad, when the fad passes the owners will be left with nearly worthless stones that no one (in particular dealers) will buy for any money. Do not take any notice of the advertising, these stones are the worst investment anyone can possibly make. Buy one if you must but realize that you are throwing your hard earned money down the drain.
I have been dealing in rare gems for more than 40 years and have always guaranteed my clients that I will buy back any stone bought from me at the price they paid for it so taking into consideration what I have said I would never touch a "black diamond" even with gloves on as I never sell treated stones of any sort, I also realize that if I were to sell one of these wretched stones I would have to take it back sooner or later.
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bertiefeleciau : It was very popular in the 90's. It had bangles, rings, earrings etc...
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