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ISPDN : so im looking at wedding rings (i want to update mine) and i came across this ring that is "certified diamond" .. it is more expensive then a non certified... but they are the same CT TW... and same white gold... so whats the difference

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CliemoGlomi : Certified means that it has been graded by a recognized gemological organization like GIA or AGS. These diamonds have a certificate with grading details of the 4 Cs (color, carat, clarity, and cut). The certification document is instrumental in getting an appraisal for insurance purposes.

Uncertified diamonds have not been graded, so you have to take the word of the seller regarding the quality of the diamond. There is no official GIA or AGS certificate.

However, there is more that goes into determining the cost of a diamond than just the TW. The other Cs (clarity, cut, and color) play a huge role. For example, two diamonds can have an identical weight, but one might have a clarity of VS1, and the other may be an SI2; all other things being equal, the VS1 would command a higher price. When you take into account the remaining variables (cut and color), you have a range of possible prices for the same TW.

Sellers can sell an uncertified diamond at a cheaper price because the qualities of the diamond aren't independently documented or verified. Without the certificate, most buyers would make their decision by "how pretty it looks" in the store, without regard to the hard, quantifiable data presented on a certificate.
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Immuptect : These days I would never buy a diamond without it being certified. Buying a diamond, no matter the price is an investment. Would you make that without knowing exactly what you are getting? Personally I am not a diamond expert. And most of the time you cannot tell with the naked eye color, cut and clarity. So you need documentation saying exactly what you have.

Also, I wouldn't buy a diamond without a GIA certificate. Not only id they coin the 4 C's but you can certify the document number instantly on their website. Plus, they have great information on there.

The report is worth ANY small increase in the price of the diamond! Good luck!
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celtics22 :
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Beskeragmasse : A very confusing question. 5grams equal 25 carats so is your stone 25 carats plus 4 carats i.e. 29 carats total? No matter what, the price you have been offered is good for an industrial grade stone so take the money and run.
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OsteoRd2004 : My boyfriend is in the military.. he is stationed in europe (I'm in the USA). He is looking at buying me an engagment ring for me. But I don't want to give him the wrong size. I'm also looking for a ring for him here... like a lot of men I know, he does not know his ring finger size. If it is the same, I would like to tell him to just go to a jewler and get it checked.
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GGYGYG : I am 19 and was looking in to getting a credit card for major emergencies. I am a waitress and my husband is a bus boy. in our paychecks he makes enough to pay our rent (with some left over) and I make enough to pay our bills (with some left over, which since I only pay bills once a month leaves us with quite a bit extra) I also make tips which I use for little things like gas for the car and only use our account for bills and rent. Recently I had gotten sick and they cut my husbands hours so we almost couldnt pay our bills, but I used my tip money and got everything paid on time. I wanted to use a credit card for times like that when we don't have enough (I'm sorry i'm droning on but this is just in case you guys need some financial details on my life) We have lived very well without needing a credit card and our credit is immaculate because I pay all our bills on time or before their due date. My bank was offering a credit card that offers cash back and 0% APR for the first year, and 12.99%-21.99% after the year is up. It says I need a balance transferred within 90 days to get the 0% APR. I don't get it, I need a balance for a credit card that I don't plan on using all that often? Can someone explain this to me? I took a class in high school but it covered things like how to write checks and figure out rent not how to do credit cards. If this isn't a good deal does anyone recommend a different credit card for my situation? Please and thank you.
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DodyAppedly : The best idea is credit card use the money flush
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elektrorobinXS : Under the BEST circumstances, scores go up about 3-5 points a month. I hope you weren't expecting a large increase. How do you "purchase" a credit card?? Mine have all been free.
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Biaralitalp : purchase a card? and getting new credit lowers scores,,, even worse is when you don't pay off fully every month. you could do even more damage if you don't know what you are doing
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