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MegaProfitdade : When I was 15, I had a golden necklace that (I'm from South Texas) the church of San Antonio sent my mother in the mail, it so happened to be blessed. I had it broken but while I had it hidden so I could wait to get it fixed. It was a golden necklace which a picture of a (was hard to tell) the holy spirit such as what it looked to me like Jesus. With a crown, and it was really thin. It wasn't a chain (big one). It was thin and small.

It looks SORT OF like this:

Any help would be splendid, I need to find one of those because I miss mine. I have no clue which church it was, if I knew I'd go and buy it. If there's any that you might find similar to the one I describe, please let me know.
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Tibiadway : you can get something like that at tiffanys. however, you can ask for a certain design on your pendent and they would do it for you. its a bit pricy but they custom it for you so ask them.

good luck.
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PZmercedes : They are round cut, 1/2 carat each, and mounted on a platinum alloy (#585 on the backing). Also there are a couple of small black imperfections on one diamond only when viewed under a 10x scope. Any price range would be appreciated! Thanks.
It could be 14k white gold from more research. I am very well aware of the varying diamond grading system. ANY PRICE RANGE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!
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Spredogrek : If you are going to pawn them, you will probably get less than half the price you paid for them. If you are going to sell them on Ebay, you will hardly get anything because no one is going to take a chance on buying something like that they can't authenticate.

If you want to know what a new set of diamond earrings sells for, just go to a jewelry store and find ones similar to yours. You won't get that price if you try to sell them though.
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Wichegog : The price depends upon color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, so there is no way to guess their value from your information. However, the 585 alloy is only 58.5% platinum, which is considerably less valuable than the usual 90%-95% alloy. That implies that the diamonds themselves may not be of top quality since you would assume that top quality diamonds would be mounted in a top quality alloy.
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Fotaanits :
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Bizextittegub : Why do you need to give out your name, adress , phone number and others when registering your prepaidcard online? will anything happen when i make a purchase?
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Blokefoex : morden ways of credit and debit cards. morden ways of credit and debit cards
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