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ivanbyss : I have my Dad's wedding tomorrow, this is his second wedding, and it's being held in a church with a reception happening in a hotel down the road. I don't consider it a fairly big wedding, but I decided that I wanted a maxi dress with flat sandals. I am just checking that you'd think it was suitable. The dress is a plain navy blue, nothing to fancy (As I would like to reuse it) with pink diamond dusted flat sandals and a pink flower hair clip. Is it too casual for a wedding?

I'm worried now, and think I should have gotten heals to wear with the dress. The whole outfit came from monsoon, I'm just worried that people are going to think I look far to casual for a wedding. I cannot buy new shoes or that as the wedding is tomorrow. I am 5'7" and it's hard to find heels that don't make me like a giant, hence why I picked flats.

P.S.You cannot see I am wearing flats unless I walk or sit down.
I do not consider the outfit to be too casual. It isn't something I'd wear to go shopping in, at least not the shoes, they're too sparkly.,5,shop,women,dresses,wommaxidress - dress - shoes

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advoloSailm : I think that sounds fine, anything from Monsoon is absolutely gorgeous.
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kartonnik : did you ask the bride.. she will be honest.. rem you are part of immediate family so you will help set the tone of the level of fanciness of the party... besides it will give you a change to bond with your new step mom... which should be great for the both of you AND your dad will appreciate.
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TeeFThescen : That sounds fine, unless the invite specified that it was to be formal. If it were formal I would then have to say get heals.
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sxgigifsbsxl : First off congrats to your dad!

I absloutley love the dres and sandals! I think there both very cute. I Do agree that it is on the casuual side, but i think the sandals and the length of the dress, make it something more. If the wedding isn't some over the top wedding, then just dress how you would want to. It's a regular wedding, not the royal wedding, so I think it's perfect. The length makes it come across as more dressier, because if it were too short, you don't want it to look like a beach cover up.

The only siggestions that I have are, I wouldn't wear the pink flower clip, because you don't want it to look like your going to the beach. And maybe add a few accescories. Perhaps some bangles, a really pretty necklace, or pretty rings. I would stick away from big fancy earings though.

As for hair, I think if you have straight or wavy blonde hair, it would look beautiful in a slicked back ponytail (Thats just my suggestion)

But overall it is such a beautiful outfit! I absolutley adore it and think it is appropriate for a wedding! Just remember it's your dad's wedding, not yours =) HAve a great time!
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pamEnera : What if they found a 62 Carat uncut Blue Diamond,White Diamond,Pink Diamond etc...
What happens if they aren't allowed too??? What are the mining rules of certain countries???
It just bothers me because why are the famous Diamonds mostly in Europe and Usa? Why can't the people that find the Diamond get credit for it or keep it as prize?
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byszoctgp : Most diamond miners work for diamond companies, and get paid by those companies to mine diamonds.

A Ford worker doesn't get to keep the cars he makes.

An oil rig worker doesn't own the oil.

Likewise, the diamonds found are the property of the mine, because it is the mining company that has paid for the hole to be dug and pays the workers even on those days when they don't find diamonds.
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amitiardedo : No, not at all.
I rather suspect that the companies who hire them have ways to prevent such theft.

If you happened to dig your own diamond mine, and work it yourself, then you can keep whatever you find. If you hired someone to work in your mine, what would you want - for them to keep a potential multimillion dollar diamond, or for you, as the mine owner, to get the diamond? Puts a different perspective on it, I think.

Once cut, a diamond can be purchased by whoever has enough money. That is how famous and expensive diamonds - or anything - end up where they are. Money.
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lolowsNem : Question: Is there a list of addresses for me which is being checked when I apply for a credit card, and how can I get my hands on it?

More info: My job requires me to move a lot - my address changes a few times a year. Mostly my bank cards and driving license are registered to my parents address, but sometimes, when I need a proof of residence I change my address to where I currently live (to have a bank statement delivered).

Recently I went to apply for a store card and got denied - I suspect this is because of the addresses. My credit rating should be good because I use another major credit card quite a lot and pay it off straight away in full...

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Messcasehax : Businesses see frequent changes of address as a credit risk.
When in your situation I always gave my parents address for the sake of continuity for anything of a business nature. Banks , store cards, everything. Bank statements can be forwarded on by your parents. They just readdress the envelope.
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