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urbatotoona : Well im really great friends with this girl and we're on the verge of dating and her birthday is coming up and i want to get her something really nice. Im 15 and shes turning 15. I have a job so money doesn't really matter too much. I wanted to get her something with pink since its her favorite color. Like maybe some pink diamond necklace or something along those lines. Any help would be cool because im kinda clueless when it comes to this stuff haha thanks

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Joseph Qk : it easy to shop for girls, get her pink jewelry
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NampDeemid : well i wouldn't do diamonds because that's pretty serious...hahah and expensive. you can get her a necklace, though. most pink necklaces out there are pretty tacky looking, but maybe you could just get her like a birthstone necklace or bracelet or something (not too fancy, but still nice) and give it to her in a pink box with a pink card. and i think it's so sweet that you're doing that for her! i'm 15 and i would love it if the guy i liked gave me a necklace...anyway, good luck!
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DavidVH : it depends on what shes like, is she into music, if so then a cd of one of her favorite artists would be nice, is she into fashion? is so get her a shirt from a store she usually buys her things, if you need help just ask one of her friends, they usually know her better, make sure she doesnt notice you asking them, shell start to think other things, anything pink, even a oink stuffed animal, just ask her closest friends but to keep it on the down low, so it can be a surprise, you can even ask her out as part of the gift, good ideas huh?
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tieday0826 :,r:6,s:0,i:86

I am doing a research on diamonds and was wondering how much something like this is worth?
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skekwoopy : that isnt a real diamond thats unbelievably clear. that is worth about $14
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AnneriaMice : Being that black diamonds are less common than regular ones, it is probably worth more. I would assume that it would be worth (amount of usable normal diamond in world x price = amount of black diamonds in world x price) but this is probably not the case.
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Reetuevilkink : As you did not post a usable link I did not bother with it. A little bit about black diamonds however, black diamonds do occur in nature but the majority are so full of graphite inclusions that they are not possible to polish properly. 99.999% of the black diamonds you see on the open market are natural diamonds of such rubbish quality that they are useless for the gem trade, ugly colour, nasty cracks or inclusions etc. These stones are treated with high doses of radiation which turn them very dark green, so dark that they appear as black and then sold to a gullible public at stupidly inflated prices. Black diamonds are probably the worst financial investment anyone can make. They are a fashion fad that will pass as, lets be honest, they are ugly and when that happens you will never be able to re-sell them as no decent dealer will want the junk in his stock (not that any serious dealer would have sold them in the first place) and any other dealer will only offer the few dollars they are really worth.
If you must have one then that is your business but be prepared to throw your hard earned money down the drain. There are a whole lot of traders out there who are hating me at this moment for pointing this situation out but I think my clients deserve value for their money and I have always given it.
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Jeniferxfs, : I bought a $200 prepaid visa online shopping card to buy some clothes online. My first order was from and i spent $110.95. They accepted my card and i got my confirmation e-mail. I checked my online account and it said the $110 transaction was still pending because it hasn't been shipped.

Anyway, i then went to and filled in my details and card info to buy tops approx..$88 in total. It was declined...
I checked my online account and i was charged $1??- it was pending btw

WHY WAS I CHARGED $1?? And should i wait 'till the $110 is accepted before I do further online shopping?

PLEASE HELP!! And thanx for answers!
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malopivva : No, it's not a negative or bad thing. It just means there is no collateral for the loan. A house or car loan have liens against the house or car. If you default, the lender takes the collateral.

Unsecured lines of credit have no collateral. Credit cards are unsecured lines of credit.
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