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Pusakates : My dress is gold and it has lavender and pink rhinestones/diamonds on the top part, my shoes also have the purple/pink effect going on and so does my jewelry. My date was thinking about wearing lavender, would that look right?

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jinlin8899 : Yes!!! As long as the shade of purple is on the same scale as the gold. Know what I mean?
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Enginisseve : He should wear a gold shirt and a lavender tie. You guys should match all the way. Believe me it looks awesome when a couple matches. People notice it.
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Paisymomtoori :,r:6,s:0,i:86

I am doing a research on diamonds and was wondering how much something like this is worth?
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GemNernpype : The best course of action would be to ask a jeweler for his or her estimate of the value of the diamond. You can even ask a second unrelated jeweler for an opinion.
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RegoWerve : I have a green dot visa. And it said they charge 5$ a month if I dont have 30 transaction. Would if there is no money on the card, will I still be charged?
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MaydayQuizbiz : I don't want to use on both of my credit cards and debit cards.
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Expappycropsy : I have both money in my current account and my savings account.
I have never had a credit card or been declined in applying for one.
I have never taken out a loan or been declined in applying for one.
I am in full time employment (2 years now at the same job).
I am 20 years old and this would be my first phone contract.
In large purchases over the last year I have never been credit checked on my debit card.
I have also never been into my overdraft.

I bought the new iPhone 5S outright from Apple. Went into 02 today to get a 12 month sim only contract at £16 a month. I was declined and I cannot work out why.

Any ideas why I was declined? Will this mean I have bad credit? How can I resolve this?

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tecytheaddy : The chances are that because you've never had credit, you have no history of being a good payer. Having no credit is almost as bad as having a bad credit history.

I would go to your bank, get a credit card and spend something on it every month - maybe petrol, or a bus pass and pay it off every month to start building up a credit history. I would also make sure that you are registered to vote at your current address which will also help.
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