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songfeng301 :

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alitGoascalse : red
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artrokil : Pink. Red diamonds do not occur in nature. They are natural diamonds (often rejects because they have too many inclusions or are brown in color) that are treated with radiation in a laboratory to produce the color. The same goes for black and most blue diamonds. The process is the same. Depending on the amount and time length of radiation you will get a red, black, or blue diamond. If you look at the prices on these diamonds they are WAY less expensive than white, pink, or yellow diamonds.
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ZDlxre : This rock has a lot of small stones on the outside of it, red, brown,blue,green,white,looks like each stone is a silver metal.Has a lot of arrows pointed in the same direction.The rock looks like there are lots of larger stones inside of it.The matrix looks like it's an over cooked brownie with nuts inside of it.Could this stone be a large Diamond?
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bhzmkxkljdul : probably not
more likely a conglomerate or a porphyry
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doristop : I was 196 days late on payments. Now my credit score is messed up and on delinquent. I just started doing the payments on time this month. How long will it take for my credit score to go back to good?
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Shietlewappal : it takes 12-18 months of ontime payments to raise your credit score
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Idearigeoge : 2 years of payments with no late pays or defaults.
Was this a credit card that you went 196 days past due? If so, they are required by law to charge off an account after 180 days. Making monthly payments on an already defaulted/charged off account will do absolutely nothing to help your credit.
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KemMeplepoork : the first time they did it the money went through and all my money is gone the second time the bank said they tried to do it again but couldn't because I canceled the card. is there a way i can figure out where and when it was declined?
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UglyLloydlty : if someone used your info to buy things this is identity theft and you need to contact the police to file a report which will go a ways with defending you from paying the bills
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