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alinkamalishka : So I am going to a party and I don't know what color to paint my fingernails. So my dress is pink on the chest and black on the rest down I'm wear a diamond silvery necklace with a heart and darker purple shoes and my hair will be curled lol but do you know which color for my nails and also colors for my eyeshadows that I could use?

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abvc2r55 : Neon green. No doubt about it lolololol
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Sinonseicedge : Silver or black. Silver if you want it to pop against your outfit and black if you want your outfit to speak for itself. Have a great time at your party!
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engescues : ok so you have allot of colors going on already so you don't want to throw another color into the mix. you have a couple of options

1. if you want to go glam girl do a sparkly silver color

2. if you want to go girlie which i pick up from the curls do the same pink as in you dress

3. there's this really cool technique where you cut out 10 pieces of newspaper to fit each of your nails then paint your nails with clear nail polish and gently press the newspaper into place and let dry. don't do a top coat and avoid getting your nails wet there after because the ink will run. you should also practice before the party.

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epfvbfaz : probably hot pink or barbie pink or just go for black :)
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Annahora : My family and I are going on a vacation to south dakota. Since i'm only 14, my parents are comming with us. My mom went when she was my age and remembered going to this cave. She said when the tour guide shut all the lights off, the whole room sparkled like diamonds. The problem is that she can't remember what this cave/cavern is called. I did research but my mom says it's not the jewel cave, wind cave, or Rushmore caverns. The closest we can find is the Black hills cavern but she says that's still not it. We need help finding that cave!
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poopsicyday : How about Wonderland Cave? It's large, and lots of crystals. Link below.
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igoroldtemkin : I need about a $4000 or $5000 credit line with no interest for a while, to consolidate a few high interest credit cards an pay them down. I have a credit score of 580, and a few hard inquires. I have no collateral as I rent an apartment and own two older cars. I have no cash for a deposit. Are there any unsecured credit cards that would help my situation, or any other loans or anything of that type?
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prieneupe : highly unlikely. low credit scores makes you a poor risk for a high line of credit
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paasathkaqaas : No. The only way to get a good credit card is if you have a high credit score. The only thing to do in your situation is to stop using the credit cards and pay the balances down the old fasion way.
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