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zlhdcwbl : and a pink diamond how can i tell its real ?

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Tevyemalm : take it to a jewelry shop or pawn shop and ask to see if its real or get it appraised
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Effelpquofe : Hey there! The best way to identify it is by taking your diamond and bring it to a trusted and reputable jeweler. You can go over the Internet to find one or ask your family members or friends that will help you to find someone that will check your diamond. Hope this helps!
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Gypeherge : it is very heavy the 5" x 6" chunk weighs in at 5lbs. The purple-ish crystals are octahedron shaped on the inside and the outside looks like molten metal. It is very slightly magnetic. I have a high power magnet it doesnt feel like its attracted at all but if i get a small enough piece of the rock I can drag it across my desk with the magnet. It still doesnt cling to it like metal but it has some metal in it.

also, I performed all the tests I could think of that were possible. I forgot to say that it dulls a file real fast. It looks like it might be filing away but its the file that suffers. I also tried to scratch it with a diamond tipped engraver. I was scared to check the tip under a microscope afterwards lol. You could see where I had written with it but it wiped away. Like it polished it not scratched it.
It scratches glass better than anything Ive ever used. In the pics I used the diamond tipped engraver to write those words and used my meteor to write meteor.

I also took a propane torch to it and it got red hot. So I was thinking it could be like some kind of melted down cast iron.

It splinters instead of crumbles, and is razor sharp. I believe it wAS molten at one time but I dont think its igneous. I am convinced it isnt going to occur naturally. The top side has a skim black coat over the octahedron shaped crystals,you can see there shape through the black under a microscope. the other side (bottom) is the side that looks like boiling metal kinda, or what I think it might look like.
Im attaching a couple links to reg sized pics too cuz Ive had this thing forever. I call it my meteorite lol. (Probly a lot like Joe Dirts meteor lol). Where I found it was in a backpack in my back yard with a bunch of bad ass rocks. A friend had mentioned rocks to me before so Im thinking he left em but he died before I got to ask him so I will never know. I have many that I have questions about. They all look like freaks of nature. But, I'll do one at a time.…
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craweerospeen : Definitely slag. The surface of it looks like it has been flowing and there is a vesicular texture consistent with a lot of gas being released (it creates a kind of frothy texture). It's going to be a combination of various metals from industrial processes.

For comparison, a meteorite will have a thin glassy fusion crust where the very surface has melted in the Earth's atmosphere. They will never contain vesicles in the fusion crust and will only very rarely have them in the sample at all. There is no requirement for a meteorite to contain chondrules.
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toitiedykix : I am applying for a rental in a manufactured home community. I have good rental history and good income, but i have very little credit history except for one loan and a secured credit card, both in good standing. I was married and relied on my husband for credit and never really built mine. My score is about 550 but i make about 4000 per month and have nothing negative. I just need a place to stay and do not have a cosignor.I
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Speemersmoima : I'm in college and i have a job. i dot want my parents to cosign anything. could i apply for a store credit card and use it occasionally! Or would that make it worse?the store would be likeAmerican eagle or something (visa)... i won't be spending a lot
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MymnIntatte : parents could be a big help. my parents made me joint on a credit card they paid off every month and never gave me a card. built up my credit without me even really knowing.
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tinacligath : To create your own credit, go to Target or Penny's (and the like) and get a card. Buy stuff and pay it off in a timely fashion. The better you do and the bigger stuff you buy will get you good credit. You have to pay more than the least amount, and don't get behind.
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Grooimaar : A person's credit score is very important. A good credit score enables a person to take out a loan to buy expensive items, such as a car or a house.
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