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afteneunladdy :

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kjoseb : take it to a jewelry store.
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UsefeDerb : take it to a local jewelry store in your area. someone who works there should be more than glad to assist you! if theyre useless do some research online!
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pedivo :

It seems to be a great offer, rough diamonds (2 carats (2 grams), but still great offer) for 6 or 7 dollars. Do you think they are real?
I am sorry, 2 carats are .4 gram. Still, do you think they are real?
**The minimum bet is 305 Indian rupees, that is like 6 USD.
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mejdawdkrg : They don't look real but they could be if they are then the owner has to have their sertificate if not then they are not or he/she stole them and I think the minimum bet is 305 not 6$
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Vorsanaffow : They look more like a form of zirconium, which is also carbon based, and often referred to as diamond. And 2 carats, unless it's in one piece isn't really all that valuable. They'd be extremely useful in craft-level jewelry, even if they are real diamonds, but they don't look like they have the quality a jeweller would be looking for, even as rough stones. Probably they're worth about US$ 6, but not that much more.
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Obseshach : I was pumping gas this morning when a message showed up on the screen saying "We don't accept debit cards in this pump." Being in a hurry, I reran the transaction as credit using my debit card, as all the other pumps were occupied. However, I checked my online statement just now and there is no activity at the gas station. What should I expect in the coming days? Will there be any ridiculous fees I need to cover? Also, I used a Visa Checkcard.
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Rabjossybop : It's just a different method of processing the transaction. A credit transaction doesn't require your PIN. The transaction is processed thru the merchants credit card service and can take a couple days to show up. The funds will still come directly from your bank account and there shouldn't be any fees as long as you have sufficient funds to cover the transaction.

I'm surprised you have not ran into this sooner. Many merchants do not accept debit transactions and require you to run your bank debit card as a credit transaction.
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Usathepoutouh : Just give it a few more days and it will be there
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QBjeff : she owns no property and has no assets?
personally, if your mom is very poor, i would not worry about this. sounds like sister is a full time caregiver. something some old folks would pay anything under the sun for.
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