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novaexate : with the V and L with flowers and diamonds
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FriendGrace : Louis Vuitton
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jellettmictez : louis vuitton
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gerceWedy : Louis Vuitton <3
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pyncInfessy : If I were to find a diamond the size of my fist somewhere and I knew it was a diamond, how much would it cost?

How much would one (the size of my fist) cost if it were:

I haven't found one but this is purely out of curiosity.
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aperReeri : I don't know about colour but they are worthless until they are cut to size. One they are cut to a shape you are only left with about half of the original diamond
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jinlin8899 : The Four C's | The 4 C's | Diamond Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat
Before you start looking for a diamond, you want to have all of the necessary information that is available to you, because the more you know, the better prepared you are to make decisions regarding your purchase.

The referenced website should prove to be helpful, since all of the "4 C's" are necessary to determine the value of a diamond.
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criffwaisse : Possibly
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kukusyomok : I would wait to pay off your credit cards. In doing this, your credit rating will improve and the companies that you have a standing credit with will ask or give you the option to increase the line of credit you have with them. Make sure to check your interest rates with each credit card you have. You can find very good deals out there with no interest for a certain period of time with other companies.

When also looking for a new car, be sure to check with you local credit union over financing with the dealership. Credit unions have a better advantage to offer lower interest rates with someone who has a riskier credit score than the dealership can.
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exacuutneak : Maybe, maybe not. Your first problem will be qualifying for a new card. Carrying balances of 78% of your limit is a big red flag, especially if your credit history is only a couple years old. Even if you do get another card, the limit isn't likely to be large enough to bring your debt to limit ratio below 30%.

Opening a new account will cause a ding for the hard inquiry but that isn't really important. New accounts lower your average age of account (just like closing older accounts). Since your accounts would have less than a 4 year difference, it won't make much difference.

You would be much better off concentrating on paying off the existing cards. Throw everything at the highest interest rate card, while making minimum payments on the rest. When the highest rate card is paid off, move to the next. That way you will get more bang for your buck and pay less interest overall.

You may also want to look for addition cash -- garage sale, second job, etc. Get more of that debt paid off now before your pregnancy physically limits your or causes additional expenses.
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