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roritriagma : this purse is light pink it has the coco chanel symbol in the middle in black,chain belted handles,siver topped edge with 'chanel ' ingraved in it ,diamond quilted,the coco chanel logo is also stampeed in on the sides,it has snap pockets on both sides ,it zips up ,has a leather tag inside that reads chanel paris ,and it has a zip up pocket inside it and two other inside next to eachother and lastly it also has "chanel " writter on the inside of the fabric all inside and everywhere i want to sell it and want to know exactly if you could explain what its worth that be great thanks

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Affongenice : Omg,i have EXACTLY the same, mom got it for me for 600 dollars
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tinacligath : I just bought one for $65.00 is that a good deal? It is set in a ring with pure 14K gold which weighs 1.5 g and I paid $85.00 for that. Thanks!
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Dwendydeave : It's tiny, but the G is good, as it is near colorless, but the VS is in about the middle as to perfection. I think you did well.
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Sonyncenrogue : My sister signed me up for a gym membership when I was 17. She used her credit card for monthly payments. Now I'm 18 and A couple months ago she cancelled my gym membership and didn't pay for the termination fee and she is saying my credit is being affected by it. They do not have my credit information because she payed with her credit card. I did not even have a credit card at the time she signed me up neither do I have one now. Minors aren't even aloud to sign up by themselves. So has my credit been affected? I only have a college checking account but no credit card. What determines credit history?
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nersFoogeonge : I really don't think so. You were underage at the time the membership was signed. Unless she put your social security number on some sort of application or membership form making you responsible to pay, it is probably her on the hook. That said, if its worrying you, pull a credit report from and get your score.
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SoobImbTemDam : Since you were a minor(under 18) when she signed you up, you are not responsible for the payments.
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WLlenore : Ive applied for a Halifax credit card with 0% on purchases for 12 months.
It didnt tell me my limit and said it will be sending out my card, is this normal?
Also I read that you have to still make minimum payments on purchases every month or youll be charged interest, is this true?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I was planning on buying a tv for christmas and paying it off over around 3 months.
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camarok : This may be true but you would be silly not to pay off the full amount each month. Otherwise you could end up having to pay a high rate of interest on whatever you accumulate when the free interest period is over.
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ZDlxre : These initial 0% offers work by you building up a big balance so that when the 0% period ends you start paying a lot of interest. Credit card companies make money out of charging interest so use all sorts of tactics to get you to build up your balance.
You still have to pay the minimum amount each month. This is in the terms and conditions and if you contravene the Ts & Cs the 0% offer is voided so you start paying interest immediately.

Credit cards can be useful if you know how to use them and can usually pay them off in full every month.
People get into trouble because they borrow money they can't afford to repay and that usually starts a slow downward spiral into more and more debt, eventually leading to borrowing money from people like Wonga because you don't have enough money to last until payday.
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