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pronmereTef : I want to Pierce my ears but my parents say I Have to buy real gold ones because silver will rust and get ugly over time as for gold it will stay shiny and stay in shape. I want to know is this true or can I Buy sterling silver and it will stay silver not turn rusty?? Also I'm a male teenager and should I get both ears pierced or only my left?? I don't want to be called gay or anything. Thanks People ;)

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reurrinnito : When you first get your ear/s pierced then they'll be sensative to base metals...So yeah, use gold or silver.
You can buy stuff to clean the silver and gold, and my silver earrings have never gone rusty? Not even in water.
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aeroreimumb : if your white, get silver diamonds. I mean, of course lol. get both ears pierced. have your parentals go with you and have the artist tell your parents that the silver will never wear or anything. they make warranties and stuff for things like that...
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flekopa : Sterling silver doesn't rust, it can sometimes tarnish but that comes off very easily. My silver earrings have always been shiny and haven't lost the shine one bit.

I prefer one ear pierced myself. It's a bit more classy.
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whetribather : in theory, if you applied extreme heat and pressure on planet earth, and i mean like a tremendous amount, wouldn't you get a diamond or diamond like substance that could fit in your palm? if so, would it weigh different? would it be radioactive or anything like that? what color would it be? would it be rough or smooth?
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Petertymn : More likely a black hole (or singularity).
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UglyLloydlty : earth will turn into a fireball like sun. not a diamond, but may have a diamond in the core- a huge one
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Cotstwefe : Guess what. Scientists believe they have found more then one diamond planet made mostly of carbon. So Yes your theory could be an actual planet us humans located. One of them is called Tiffany! If a planet is close enough to it's star and is made of the right materials, it is possible. Unfortunately giving one to your girlfriend this size is not (if it was it would not be considered a planet in the first place :).
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phypofelterty : Diamonds are composed of carbon. Relatively speaking, very little of the earth is carbon. You would end up with a very heavy rock with some impurities in it (unless they all burned away during the intense pressure).
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Icecrepay : We already do apply extreme heat and pressure on our planet, that's why we have a molten core and a solid inner core. As to the entire Earth becoming a diamond, diamonds are pure carbon and carbon makes up a small percentage of the substances on Earth so no the planet would not turn into a large diamond.
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