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trelfHexrurry : Plain and round of all colors (Silver, Gold, Black, White & etc). WHOLESALE and nothing expensive, no sterling silver, diamond, or gold.

NO need to suggest F21, Icing, Claire's, Khols, Macy's and etc.

Thank you.
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hahAltessyrar : Try arediens most of the time they have big hoop earnings
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Entimbzit : Are you looking for a thick or thin ones? Can you give me the mm of the earrings that you are looking for?
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lalmceseomimb : Are colored diamonds naturally occurring the earth or are they man made?In any case,exactly are they created?
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sharonben : They have a small amount of mineral impurities to create the color, whether natural or man made.
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Coarmarib : Diamonds can be found in almost any shade or color. The source of a diamond's color comes from impurities that have bonded with the carbon lattice that makes up the diamond. Grays and blues can be found in diamonds with boron impurities. Nitrogen is responsible for yellow and brown diamonds. Irradiated diamonds are known to display green hues.
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Graiccaky : I'm planning on taking out a visa credit card to do some online shopping. I have some money in my account but I'm planning on depositing some just a little bit over the amount i should be paying for the purchase i wanna make online. So I just prefer to do it like that for ONLY whenever i think i would need to make an online purchase. My Question:

Does the bank take money when u don't use up to the limited amount that is given to u for credit? Or is that they only charge when u go over your available balance? How does this credit card thing rlly work, please help.
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usereemyprods : It sounds like you mean a debit card, not credit. A credit card is where you charge something, and you get a bill and you have to make a minimum payment and you are charged interest if you don't pay the entire balance off. A debit card is linked to a bank account, and you can use it online, and the amount comes directly out of the account it's linked to, like a check. Some banks charge a monthly fee for having an account, depending on what type of account you have. They also charge fees if you overdraft: spend money you don't have.
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Noxynerromo : You seem to be confusing a credit card with a debit card. Credit cards are a line of credit. You use the card, receive a monthly bill, and make payments.

A debit card is tied to your bank account. When you use it, funds are pulled directly from your bank account. Some banks have fees or certain minimum balance requirements on the account -- this really varies greatly. Other than the account fees, you shouldn't be charged extra fees for using your debit card online as long as you have sufficient funds in the account to cover the charge.
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RegoWerve : I have a green dot visa. And it said they charge 5$ a month if I dont have 30 transaction. Would if there is no money on the card, will I still be charged?
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