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Cewayerep : which backpack/lunchbox should i get? im a sophmore in highschool now and im starting school in two weeks. im soo done with totes as of last year. definatly not comfortable especially in my highschool. evreryone carries a lunchbox in my school and its mostly the vera bradley ones, but they're discontinuing those this year so i dont know what everyone else is gonna carry this year and i dont want to like be the only one with a vera bradley lunchboxe although i really like them. please help me choose or suggest some to me please. im a beacy, surfer girl, and sotimes, more sopihsticated, girly and classy.

BACKPACKS: -in 'imperial toile' or 'blue rhapsody' ( please tell me whihc one you like too if you pick this one) -in 'windswept natural' - in 'zinc grey/ diamond blue' -in 'sandstone' or 'olive'

LUNCHBOXES: -in 'twirly birds navy' or 'sittin in a tree' or 'loves me' (also suggest which color please)

-idk where else to even get a highschool appropriate lunchbox please tell me!!

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igorokfree : You're thinking entirely too hard... It's high school dear. No one is going to care what backpack carries your books and what lunch box you have your lunch in. I personally think all of the backpacks are overpriced. Get a sturdy backpack big enough to carry all of your belongings. Chances are you'll only use this backpack and lunch box for a year anyway, so why invest so much money? The lunch box just has to be big enough and chilled enough to carry your food (depending on what you take to lunch.) Save your money for things that are actually important, like college.

Hope this helped.
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samdemid : Last Backpack sandstone or the first in the white and blue flower -starting from the last one, the third-
As for the lunchbox, top one in night and day
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movealietle : What is the streak,luster,color and hardness of table salt and diamond
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profileback498 : Table salt (otherwise known by the mineral name, halite or rock salt)

streak - white
lustre - vitreous, transparent or translucent
colour - colourless or white when pure; often yellow, red, sometimes with blue, amethystine or purple tints
hardness - 2 to 2.5 on Moh's scale of hardness


streak - none, cannot scratch anything because it is the world's hardest naturally occurring substance
lustre - adamantine, transparant, when dark coloured, translucent
colour - white or colourless, sometimes yellow, red, green, blue or black
hardness - 10 on Moh's scale of hardness
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goodevry6 : I brought a Visa OneVanilla Prepaid Card. I made a transaction for about $39 and they I cancelled the order on the same day. The website said that they did not charge me. That was last Saturday. Now it is Tuesday so it's been about 4 days. When I log on to my credit card online, it still says pending transaction and my total balance is subtracted by $39. How long will it take so I can get back my $39?
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Sleedeetmesee : It can take between 10 and 30 days.

It is a long winded process to get any money back on a prepaid card. Next time.... think twice before you cancel.
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igoroldtemkin : I need about a $4000 or $5000 credit line with no interest for a while, to consolidate a few high interest credit cards an pay them down. I have a credit score of 580, and a few hard inquires. I have no collateral as I rent an apartment and own two older cars. I have no cash for a deposit. Are there any unsecured credit cards that would help my situation, or any other loans or anything of that type?
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ChenteeAven : are there any unsecured credit cards with high credit lines for low credit scores. are there any unsecured credit cards with high credit lines for low credit scores
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prieneupe : highly unlikely. low credit scores makes you a poor risk for a high line of credit
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