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Gugawemilia : What color

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roopMeewido : i Do Its All Black
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likelucyru : i need some diamonds cut from the diamond cutters also help sell your diamond for a percentage%?and what percentage?how much does it cost to cut say a 5 carat diamond,blue color...i have a 22 carat natural light blue rough diamond i need cut.but i dont have the money up front for the cut what do i do?i dont want to sell it as a roughs dont get very much.
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enhallego : well it may be sad for you but the major part of diamond price is due to its cutting. it has to cut at an proper angle maybe so as to refract and reflect the light properly. and due to these two events the diamonds sparkle
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camarok : Hi.
I recently signed up for Square, the portable credit card reader/transactor and 2.75%, and I can't get by the activation. It asks me what I will use it for and my SSN, and I am uncomfortable just giving out my SSN like that. I'm 16, so I will be using it for personal use. (I fix Xbox's and PlayStations) And I constantly get older people and they always ask if I accept credit. I want to so it will be more convenient for my customers. And as far as I can tell, I don't have to link this to my bank account? And I can connect it to PayPal?

This is very unfamiliar to me, as I am fairly new in finance. Please help and reviews on Square would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!
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Cleascacy : Get comfortable with giving them your Social Security Number... because you are dealing with a financial institution. That is when you do give up your social security number so they can verify who you are. That is really what the number is for.

Of course... when they find out that you are 16 you will end up being denied again... but at least you will then know why.
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toitiedykix : I am applying for a rental in a manufactured home community. I have good rental history and good income, but i have very little credit history except for one loan and a secured credit card, both in good standing. I was married and relied on my husband for credit and never really built mine. My score is about 550 but i make about 4000 per month and have nothing negative. I just need a place to stay and do not have a cosignor.I
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Reommodeswaks : I want to get a credit card processing company that will allow me to display my name without displaying there info in transaction description. Do you know of any merchant accounts I can get that will allow me to do this?
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