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JaneDraaf : My wife has some CZ ones and I am wanting to get her a real one for Christmas. They have maybe six solitaires strung out about 1.5" apart along the length. Does that style have a particular name? It will help me search.

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monaswola : Look for a diamond STATION necklace and I think you'll find it.
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Ìîêëàøèí : i want to stretch out my ears and get plugs but i have to wait so which one would look better intel i get to stretch them
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Biliflachitn : it all depends on your complexion. If you are pale i think black would be good but if you are fair skinned and darker your should do white
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Etepsips : white diamond studs
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lialpinsamy : And that is completely the wrong plan. Best way to build credit is keep your high balance under 1/3 of the limit (about $175) and pay the entire thing off every month. If you continually go over about 1/3 of your limit, the algorithm used for credits scores lowers your score and if a creditor eyeballs the line item, it looks like you can't budget successfully.

As for payments, all on-time payments count the same (it is the on-time part that is important), so why pay a minimum payment and incur the finance charge (which makes it harder to pay off) when you can pay the whole thing and avoid the finance charge.
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Agreerwer : Carrying a balance of more than 30% hurts your score. You are proposing 80%. With only a small secured card, you really aren't going to build credit any faster by playing around with the balance. It's going to take years to build credit no matter what you do.
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neothnedCor : Paying the minimum is the next worse thing than paying late. If you charge 400 and pay only the minimum payment it could take years to pay it off after they add the finance charges to carry a balance. Here is an example, you charge 400 on your card and for the sake of easy calculations your annual percentage rate is 12%. which means they would charge you 1% of the carried balance each month. So you charge 400 and pay the minimum payment of 10.00, your balance would be 390.00 and they would charge you the 1% finance charge of 3.90 that month , so now your balance is 393.90 you pay 10, new bal is 383.90 and you get charged 3.84, so in effect your 10.00 payment only reduced the balance by 6.10. If your actual interest rate is 24% the finance charges would be double.
so charge less than 100 the first few months and pay it off in full every month.
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Raladrorrurne : as long as you pay the bill in full by the due date after you receive it, it will be fine.
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RichardDR : I have had a Master Card for years. I use it for convenience. I always buy items I can afford and pay the bill when it comes. If you have it with a local bank, save the receipt stapled the bill. Payment never gets delayed in mail. Size of my monthly bill is not an issue, My credit is top notch.
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