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poequeexpep : The ladies on the East Coast are sporting them pretty tough right now and the price is right. Soooo...what do you think? Hot or Not?

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toitiedykix : Hot.
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dsyez001 : Me like!
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esyez011 : Hot.

but I like onyx better.
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GroomeAnexoke : well, the pictures on that site are pretty terrible, somehow i dont think they are properly capturing the effect....

if i saw better pictures i might say hot
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arraspphype : Im looking into getting some silver or gold diamond studs i dont know what would look better on me though. Im 6ft, brown hair, hazel eyes my face is oval - round, skin colour is white but a tan looking white all the time lol... Any Opinions?
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Exerierok : White gold
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Paisymomtoori : Get white gold or silver! You'll look great :)
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orgaphocuroto : I always recommend getting the white gold for studs. It helps with the color of the diamonds in the studs. Also, no one can REALLY tell if it is white or yellow gold. Now, in terms of the shape of the diamond in the stud I would go towards the princess cut--which is the square shape. That tends to be more masculine than the rounds.
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Rebellian : btw, i havent "Link and confirm my debit or credit card". i want google adsense to pay me through paypal but i dont have a bank account. i know that i can use the iban number but why doesnt paypal show me it?
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