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Neenstookem :

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vavaf : It's freaking GIANT.

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viczont : So for my prom, my dress is cream with diamonds at the top that sparkle different colours in the light. My date is wearing a charcole colour suit and a white shirt, what colour of tie do you think would match?
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Cryclorgo : brown chocolate
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endongove : i reported it and told my bank and now they are under investigation until oct 17 or something they gave me a claim number. i just want to know if they are going to send me to collections for something i didnt do and i know im responsible for this because its my card but i need my credit. who should i call and what should i do next? This wait is just pissing me off im a college student and im job hunting and soon i have to start paying back my loans which stresses me out even more aside from family issues.
i already know these things you people are so bitter .. just a direct answer please thanks if not you dont have to answer
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coachoutletolkc : all your issues are lame excuses for not being more vigilant with your financial information
you may be impatient for things to work out for you but this will take time and you will have to go with the flow to get it cleared up
and don't let down, keep the authorities on the case to find the perpetrator
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whetribather : How did someone else get your PIN? That is impossible because even the bank doesn't have it. The bank only stores an encrypted version of your PIN.

You had to write down your PIN or voluntarily gave it to a friend or family member. This is why your bank is very suspicious!
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unwrelemfu : You have much more protection if you use a credit card where the most you would have been responsible for is $50 which is often waved. When I got a credit card the bank offered me a debit card as well which I turned down.
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porvfdyseo : I suspect the bank will learn very quickly that YOU are the only scammer here trying to cover your asss over spending to much money then yelling theft.
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Aredaqueerb : Why do you have to pay for your families to attend? Are they all poor? Make a nice videotape for them, and go visit them in person some time in the future.

That is much better than everyone milling around, tired from jet lag, hungry, bored, and watching you get stressed out because your perfect wedding is not quite perfect.

{ Our bakery sent us the right cake, but with the wrong colored frosting roses! }
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