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hiceReergeTag : im getting grillz but i smoke cigarettes alot if i smoke with 10k gold grillz on they say they will lose their shine an tarnish what do they mean by tarnish like the gold will come off or ? just lose shine thats it ?? help an dont say no dumb responces its my life u dont know me i got a mother dont need other people telling me what to do an not to do thank you!

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delltrbigdog : Tarnish- means it will discolor
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FZRaymond : So I want to buy something on eBay that is like 33 dollars. I have 10 dollars left over on my prepaid card from my last purchase, but I have 0 dollars in my actual paypal balance. Last purchase, it took all my balance away and then some overlap from the prepaid card I put on my account. So should I buy another 25 prepaid visa to buy it or would I have to buy a 50 dollar prepaid? Sorry if this is confusing. Thanks
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rebecontannyM : ususaly paypal doesnt accept them
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LaumbNom : You cannot use a prepaid with PayPal so you'll have to use a credit or debit card, possibly a bank account if you have that linked with eBay.
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Myncclins : Is there a way of fixing this by going on my chase account online? or what others ways?
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roritriagma : You need to call Chase...
Going on line will not solve the problem...
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corte2012 : Call the number on the back of the card. If it's a credit card and not a debit card, then it could be that it has reached its limit. Or possibly they mailed you a new card, you activated it, and what you're trying now is the old card (which has a different CVV number on the back).
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Kaitlyn_Iowa : So I got approved for an Old Navy card online.. question is, I clicked out of the screen accidentally that says you can print out your temporary paper that is your credit card, on the same screen. Should I worry?
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Inettyday : No need to worry unless you want to go shopping and use it right away. It is only a temporary card until you card arrives in the mail.
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