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celtics22 : What jewelry or hair style would look best with my bridesmade dress ?? Pics and YouTube tutorials needed too!
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carliferates : ask the bride (: it should be whatever she wants. it is after all her special day.
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theomarttes12ezr : ask the bride..try black leggings and black heels
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mokundegrc : my credit line 500 and interest each month charge 10 dollars
is it ok or too hight ? i need idea , if not ok then i move to another company, thnks
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SpovaInnope : Did you could be causing serious damage to your credit score by carrying balances?
It can only hurt you.
So, pay that card in full.
Not the minimum, not more than the minimum, but in full
That is the way to get those top credit scores.
Why damage your life by carrying balances at all?
By paying in full, you also avoid any interest.
Imagine what you could spend that $120 a year on.
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indiananimator : the reason you are being charged an interest fee is because you are not paying off your bill in full each month. pay in full by the due date and you won't have any interest fee at have a low limit and it needs to be paid in full.
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Effitswes : I am wanting to buy a MacBook Pro I'm not quite sure why size yet. So my parents pay me minimum wage per hour I work around the house and in the yards. Because with 6 people,4 of them kids the house gets really messy really fast. I also do the grunt work that no one else wants to do. So I have been doing this for a while, I work an average 3-5 hours a day, which is around 30$. However I am wanting to get the computer soon, I want to get a Best buy credit card under my moms name and go ahead an get the MacBook. Then spend the next year paying it off over the next year so I can get the 0% interest. Sometimes things don't NEED to be done in the house so say I work a minimum of 3 hours a day, no weekends, so that makes the number of days in the month 18. If I only work half of those, so 9 days of 3 hour work, that's the least I would work and I would make about 195$ a month. I want to put half towards paying off the Mac and the other half I want to put away for either a car or save for college(I'm 15). So my parent have already agreed to this, I just need to know the details about the credit card. Like what qualifies, do I need to buy spesfic items or anything in the store? Does it need to be a minimum amount of money I spend? And is there any requirements I have to meet or special payment days to keep no interest. I would like help, my parents agreed to this because they think it will teach me how to mange my credit cards when I get older. Thanks in advance:).
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StoomyTog : Your first hurdle will be getting your mother to agree to take out a credit card so you can charge stuff on it.

The second hurdle will be what kind of interest rate that card will have. Maybe BestBuy has a special 0% interest rate and mayb they don't.

A better way for you would be to save up that money you earn and pay cash for your electronic toys. At 15, it is a REALLY bad time to start racking up credit card debt buying stuff. You need to learn the difference between a WANT and NEED.
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VummaRoorbVag : Here is your problem with this:

The MacBook Pro usually ranges from $1200 to $1400 right now. Even if you get the cheap one.
That is going to be $1300 after taxes. If you want to have this paid off within the 12 month interest free period it means you are making a monthly payment of at least $110 if that laptop isn't more than $1300.

Your job... is a precarious situation. The same person that takes on the risk and responsibility of this credit card is also your employer.

But here is what you want to know about this card: Once approved with a credit limit that can handle this purchase... they will gladly let you charge the MacBook Pro and your mother can pay it off on a monthly basis. After this one time purchase I would cut the card up immediately. You are required to buy something (anything) from Best Buy but there is no minimum limit.

Your parents need to realize that this does nothing to help your credit. You are 15 and not responsible for this account. You don't even have a way to send the monthly payment. They don't take cash. Your mother would have to pay the bill every month.
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pletcherzbd : what does that card color mean?
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