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esyez044 : but that could deliver to mexico! the only thing that i can find is 00, and nobody wants 00 if you want to go real big -.-
please help me!

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Memzentee : i have paypal account people send me money , i dont have credit card confirmed in there, can i still send money to people? xbox membership??
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gypeDuegets : As long as it doesn't exceed what you have PayPal is pretty much your debit card.

What you have is what you own.
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jajidmeu : Hi, I'm 21 and just applied for the Delta Sky Miles Credit Card with American Express. I got approved and it said I can spend up to $2,000 until my card comes in a few days. However looking at it further I could not find what the credit limit is? I have to wait 24 hours before I log into my online account as it is being setup however the email I got didnt say nor did the approval page. Is there a standard credit limit? Thanks.
I am paying $95 after the first year. The fee is waived for the first year and I get a free bag check in per flight which I believe is $25 each way. I plan on traveling more this year and next, so I think it will pay for itself.
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Arrilbotono : Just making sure you know that this card has a $95 annual fee after the first year.
Just a side tidbit answer.
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Mexteendy : Limits are based on your creditworthiness. Having a $2K limit to start sounds like your credit is pretty good, but you will just have to wait that 24 hours to find out what your actual limit is.

Just what big ticket item are you itching to buy that you can't wait a mere 24 hours to find out the limit on your new card? Most cards don't give you an initial limit and approval via email. Usually you have to wait the 10 business days to get the card in the mail.
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Exerierok : Find the customer service phone number and call them and ask.

should be somewhere on the paperwork you got.

Credit Limits are set by their formula. They take in consideration your age, your income and your credit score.
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Paisymomtoori : This is really stupid.
Don't EVER pay a fee for a credit card.
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DeatsHewsDult : So this is kind of complicated, so get ready.

My sister was sixteen when she signed onto a "record label". She sold cd's, showed up for gigs, all that. The owner, her boss, gave her his OWN PERSONAL Macys credit card and said "now that you work for me and represent me, go buy some stuff to make yourself representable" or something along those lines. My mom said "don't you dare give my daughter a credit card", and never signed anything saying that my sister could use it. The owner gave my sister the credit card anyway, making her an authorized user, and my sister went to Macy's and bought clothes, makeup, ect. He never said anything about her having to pay him back, and nothing was written or signed saying she had to pay him back.

Now, six years later, he is trying to take her to court to get her to pay him for the charges she made. We tried calling Macy's to see what charges were made, and they can't give us any info because she isn't a cosigner, just the authorized user.

My questions are:
1. Can he sue her for charges she made (with his permission) as a minor?
2. Will the Oregon statute of limitations allow him to even bring this to court six years later?

Any websites with info on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks a ton!
Also, she wants to know if, In court, she should bring up the sexual harassment he committed against her (he was 68, she was 16, he said he wanted to marry her, asked her to write him love letters, ect. There were many witnesses to all of this, including myself). Would bringing this up seem like she is desperate to prove her case, should she just let it slide?
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lupins : Yes he can sue (nothing physically prevents that), but the second your sister steps into court and says "I was 16" closed. The trick is that she MUST show up to court....MUST MUST MUST.
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