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momeNemelve : I love making jewelry and I want to make some dangling jewelry for my daughter. Her ears aren't pierced yet and I was thinking around 15 or 16 might be ok. What do you think?

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jasonapinaq : I think when your 11 ..
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Anne_7 : I actually started wearing dangling earrings when I was about 7. It was just for fun. Personally, I don't like to wear them because they tend to catch on my hair. It honestly doesn't matter what age she wears them at.
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Blisdibly : im 14 and i have my lip, tongue, and nipples pierced......i would have to say she can wear dangly earrings
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maymnarcabyJG : I wore them when I was like 7... to me there's nothing wrong with them. I just got cute little ones from Claire's with like flowers and butterflies on them.. lol.
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ExannaMaf : I personally prefer not to wear dangly earrings, but when I was like 7 or 8 I used too......Are you actually being serious about waiting until she's 15 or 16? :o
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juniperex : What you think is right,but if your girl like to wear them before the age16, i also think that's fine.
You make the earrings for your daugter by yourself. It's more like a great gift.
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TeeFThescen : I got offered from Capital one to upgrade my current capital one student card (1% + .25% for on time payments) to the quicksilver (1.5% cashback).

My first card wish was about two weeks before the capital one card which is a Mastercard (1% cashback.)

My current cl for both of them is 500.00, capital one will raise it after 6 on time monthly payments to $750.

As good as the 1.5% cashback sounds since you need excellent credit and I currently have fair credit (just starting my credit history), I feel that if I were to close out the mastercard and open an application for the 1.5% cashback, ill get a higher cl later while the (1% + .25%) visa card I currently have will be a longer credit history.

Long story short, Should I just upgrade, or should I make a new application later when I have good or excellent credit for a higher credit limit?
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ylmkskevmzx : never do credit cards if you want to ever retire
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bypxlnline : If they will give you a 1.5% cash back card take it. The only sensible strategy with credit cards is to get the most back and ALWAYS WITJOUT FAIL pay off in full each month. NEVER pay interest.
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