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Daudiodia : My aunt has this nice cross necklace i like but she doesn't remember exactly where she got it. I was wondering if anyone can go to a jewelry store, show them the necklace and ask how much for them to make a replica.

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Payncattiff : Look I live in Kuwait and I have a master credit card I want to do online shopping but the store has the currency of us dollar can I still buy it with this card
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glenckistr : Las November I financed a car from CarMax with what I was was terrible credit (low low 500s). Now almost a year later my score is up over 600s. I just stopped by target to see if I were to get approved for something and they said "credit card application required further processing". Was I declined??

Does anyone have any idead why I would have been able to get a vehicle almost 20,000 grand and have a problem this big for something so small??

On another note I also have a store Military Star Card since 2008....
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Veilepype : What if I split my buying between the two, so there both equally used and they always get paid off every month.
I have 2000 in credit on bank of america cach rewards visa decent cash back deals. Then I have a chase freedom card with so called cash back deals not very good but 900 in credit on that card.
America of course in washingtion state the seattle area
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jshufs8s2d : what country u in?

as the i love debt scores are different
rules in different countries
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treponaciyacharto : is it possible to live without a credit card this day in age. is it possible to live without a credit card this day in age
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reetemics : I've never had a credit card. I always pay in cash!
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zratxhvm : No need for one.
Just makes like easier when you make flight reservations, rent cars, and get hotel rooms.
Credit cards offer many "perks" bank check cards do not offer. Such as free insurance.
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gestundurgire : Increasingly hard, but doable. It's a good idea to have one for perks such as travel miles and insurance, purchase protection, etc. If you're smart about how you use it, it won't cause you problems. But if you have poor impulse control or willpower, it can be a problem.
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