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BuyNolvadex : -floral print top
-black leather jacket
-dark washed distressed jeans rolled up at the bottom
-big black braided belt with a big silver buckle
-low cut white converse
-a little bit of silver jewellery (watch and simple necklace)

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PoitoProvemog : Yes, great style!:)
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FriendMadison : It seems ADORABLE :)
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camarok : yeah, seems nice, but i personally think a white top would look better instead of a floral print one. it ll make the look more elegant. plain white prefarably,and if u dont have one, try a red,light blue or lime green top instead. make sure u DONT wear a pink top. hope u like my tips, and thanks, i never thought of asking ppl about clothes. so good idea!:)
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tireargueme : yes I would wear that but the belt seems like too much but if you like it then go for it! My style is as striped shirts with a black leather jacket and black jeans and some winter boots! Also my hair down curly or either up in a high pony tail with straight bangs! Then put some eyeliner on and lip gloss and I would look so good!! Good luck :-)
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reeksorneycle : the punishment in pittsburgh pa for using a credit card you find and spend $47. the punishment in pittsburgh pa for using a credit card you find and spend $47
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sedyowedync : if you can pay the money back no real punishment besides community service, for using money that isn't yours. if you can't pay it back, serious jail time.
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Biartiatutigh : That's "fraud" doesn't matter that it was $47, the crime is the same as if it had been $470 or $4,700 or $47,000!

Get a good lawyer!
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inciongqgn : This is at lest the 2nd time you have asked this question and at least twice you have received an answer.
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maymnarcabyJG : I saw a picture of a girls' debit card and it had been customized by her to have pictures of a celebrity on it. How can I do this? What banks or credit unions allow this? Is it free? Thanks!
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