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porvfdyseo : I think the first bit says it is a mix of 18ct gold and platinum but what does the 13 signify? It has what looks like three diamonds, one large and two small, so does the 13 signify the diamond size or clarity? The 13 is written askew, with the 1 slightly above the 3. The ring dates back to at least the 1950s, but could be older. Thanks!

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elektrorobinXS : Congrats!

You've got gold of 18ct, and setting pf Platinum. I'm not a jewelry expert, so take it to a Pawn shop or an antique dealer and ask what that was. It could mean from the year it was designed, I don't know. I'm wearing a platinum engagement ring (or wedding ring) part of my husband's great-aunt, over 100 years old. But it's been re-sized, and the PLAT is the only thing left. I also bought a PLAT ring, the pawn shop priced it as silver, when the jeweler was sizing it, he told me it took a little bit longer because it's platinum - I KNEW that! LOL

Meaning, even Pawn shops make mistakes!
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DjokerDer : Im young wanting to keep my good credit and make it better please tell me alll you know about credit cards when it comes to approval, best credit cards, payments, monthly paymebts, interests just whatever you know thank you
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Biliflachitn : If you paid the full balance off each month then there wouldn't be any charges although it's very very very very very tempting not to and it's a stupid way to borrow money at the end of the day.
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dicSlulpcut : I have poor credit due to medical collections on my report. I own a home, have a car loan and have paid my monthly bills on time for the past 6 yrs. I do owe a little on my credit cards, due to a pay cut a few years back. Have only used one of them for a car rental & owe only $200 on that one. I have mostly been paying off the balances. My medical bills out weigh credit card. My credit score is 630 & want a loan to pay off credit cards & medical bills. The banks are not willing to give me a loan so my question is if anyone knows where else I can go. I do not have family that can help & I have a good job. Any ideas for one with a reputable company?
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xgevcrfz : No, continue paying off your loans! I wouldn't suggest getting another loan to pay off those
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AZAdrion : No "reputable" company will touch you for obvious reasons....they already told you no! You can try a title loan place or a pawn shop.
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yangxh63o : Mafia
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GGYGYG : Okay so I paid for a very expensive necklace for someone and I did not want my mom knowing about it, I used my credit card. Turns out an email was sent to my mom saying the amount of my transaction because apparently thats what my bank account does. She asked me what it meant, in front of my grandma, and I quickly responded saying I had no idea, someone must've stolen my card and used it. So I called the bank and cancelled my account and lied, acting like I never bought it. Either I fess up and tell my mom how much money I spent on my secret girlfriend... or have them "reimberse" the money back because she says I can sign something to "get my stolen money back"? Would I get in trouble? Is there any way to track and see that it was me that bought the necklace? Someone please help I'm worried sick over this I don't wanna get arrested!
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UUVUV : The store probably remembers you. They probably have your signature on the paperwork. They may have your image on video cameras. You bought the jewelry. You need to admit that you bought it and stop trying to screw the system.
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