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toitiedykix : so i like wierd things, jewlery wise at least. i was in a local jelwery store today and fell in LOVE with this simple small [about the size of a nickel] gold circular pendant with three diamonds inlaid with faint lines etched in the gold connecting them. it almost looked like a star constellation which was why i loved it so much. now i hate gold but this i was ready to drop everything and buy, the issue? it was 500$ which i A] dont have and B] would never spend on a necklace. but could anyone find me something similar it dosent have to be real gold or real diamonds [id actually prefer if they were fake!] and even silver/brass/copper would be fine- please im awful at finding stuff online! thankss!
sorry but i wasnt able to take a picture of it- i wasnt sure if it was allowed to be honest

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Reommodeswaks : You can buy jewelry made with real gold or even sterling silver with a gold overlay with a diamond simulate product. Some companies have really developed the craft and the diamonds look as good as the real ones or better.
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Bormmayonry : We are shutting down our business and there is some business debt from a couple of business credit cards, I'd like to convert the CC debt to a personal loan and start paying it off. I don't know of any other options other than bankruptcy, which I don't want to do. Please give me suggestions.

Which banks do you suggest for the type of loan I'll be looking for?

What kind of loan do I ask for?

What kind of rate am I looking at?

Business was a S-Corp. Not sure how that helps or hurts?
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GomiToido : unless business was Incorporated,
all debt is personal so u just pay it off.

contact your banker for local laws on
getting a loan for this debt
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boottantajork : a few days earlier in a bar i was out of money and i only had my dads visa debit card with me so then i had to call my dad for the pin and now again i forgot i the i wanted to know that can i use the card with out pin.
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demBiniadiack : the only time you can use it without a pin, is at places such as restaurants, and some bars. If there's a PIN pad around, you're going to need to use a pIn
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likelucyru : im under the age of 18 .
I mean debit
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KneermaWarf : paypal doesnt accept prepaid cards
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grearoriure : the statue of limations on a credit card taken over by a collection c. the statue of limations on a credit card taken over by a collection c
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