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IsombDumNub : My bf is getting me a promise ring at a legit Vietnamese jewelry store... We don't want to get rip off. I want a diamond ring and his budget is 1000, what is the best color, clarity and size for a round cut I can get for that price? Thank you!!! =]
I just don't want to pick out one I like that supposedly cost 800 and they charge me 1000 just because I'm clueless....

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Tomotooli : It doesn't really matter.. My promise ring was $1200 and I love it just as much as the one next to it that is supposedly a better 'clarity', or whatever. Its all a ripoff... Just pick out one you like. Price mainly references to the size of the actual diamond, and what it is set in. Just pick a ring with a good sized diamond on it that you like :) But get gold. Sterling silver tends to get scratched. I never take mine off and it still looks brand new. Hop i helped and good luck!
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theomarttesqarxvd : You can try getting yourself one of those solitaire engagement rings. The rings aren't that extravagant, showing only the stone and the band. Prices range from $245 - $1,300. Try searching around the web for online diamond stores. They usually have those online catalogs that allows you to compare prices. If I were you, I'd get them online either way - you can get engagement rings online quite cheaper compared to others.
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Ubnolermef : Hey,
Im looking where i gt my engagement and wedding rings (RocksDiamondDeals)... and eventually got a few other pieces...
And for $1000...

.39cts G SI3 Diamond
.23cts D SI1 Diamond
.14cts E IF Diamond
.29cts F SI1 Diamond
.38 G SI3 Diamond
.40cts E SI1 Diamond
these are each $340 (.14) to $670 (.40)...
Plus a 14K band at $350... they are all under your budget.

IF you want accents...
14K 0.38cts G-H VS Diamond Ring Mount (halo setting) is $747 and fits the .14... thats a little over budget.. but nice

Hope this was help ful
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fakeoakleysy4 : My previous visa expired and I've just received a new card. So I'm trying to update my apple payment info. The only thing that has change is the last 4 digits and my security code. But it keeps telling my its declined. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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dieptorosse : My apple account is doing the same Evan though my card hasn't expired and the apps I want are Free, maybe it's something their end :/
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nepolet : They are having issues right now.

As an aside I have NEVER had my card numbers change period when they replace an expired one.
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small50v : Have you activated your new card. look at the letter that came with it.
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Higinhinocumn : Apple sucks in general. Migrate to Android, or order from Amazon. Seriously, Amazons' so nice, I bet they would accept my sh*t as payment.

Apple's only good for music, i.e. the iPod/iPod Touch. Every other product can be found with better tech for a better price somewhere else.
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weireenry : Something else has changed: the expiry date of the card! Try updating that.
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