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eldemowerrorm : Name some natural materials, such as wood?
And is diamond and/or crystal natural materials?

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Xenanicovan : Cotton
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koaggezhhfxo : everything comes from nature. What can be eliminated from a list of natural materials? Plastics? comes from the oil in the ground or from vegetable oils. Glass? glass is sand. Aluminum? Look up bauxite ore on Google.

If by natural you mean materials that can go back to the Earth in their original form, glass is one... wood, grass, and yes, diamonds or other crystal forms.
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carpinteyrosrj : A diamond is compressed carbon.
try copper

Bamboo (which is in fact a type of grass)
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wegeillisee : So I was talking to my banker the other day and she mentioned that I should have a credit history because Ill needed it in the future if i want to take out a loan. I haven't make a decision yet. If I get a credit card
I plan to use it at least twice a month, make small purchases and pay the bill right away. I just want to know if should do it.
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nenjuisyner : Your banker is right and if you plan to use it responsanly then go for it!
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NamImpaimafes : No, you don't want to get a credit card.

Save 10% of what you make for emergencies, and invest another 15%, and you'll never need a loan.
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ChetAnned : try to only use it for a month or two, just enough to build up your credit. Credit cards can be more of a hassle then you would imagine. You can also build up your credit by making payments on time, on things like a new car or a new ATV.
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songfeng400 : There are several types of credit and you need them for different reasons. Credit cards are great for small unexpected needs that you can pay off in one or two months. Take any longer and you are risking huge interest charges and getting in over your head. The cycle of buying and paying ON TIME every time results in a good credit history. That is better than trying to use the bank for small loans for these kinds of items, but never go to one of the payday loan or local finance offices. Those places can charge up to 45% on your loan and be really hard to pay off. They also don't report to credit agencies very often so they don't build up your credit score. Larger loans for vehicles or boats or houses can be done at the bank or mortgage company. The key is to pay on time every time and don't pile up too many types of loans at once. Have the discipline to save up for what you need or wait for it. You should save something each week for rainy day type needs and for bills that come due annually. I have always found that a good rule of thumb is to not owe more than 25-30 per cent of your income in loans each month and you will be able to afford everything else you need on a monthly basis.
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TeeFThescen : I got offered from Capital one to upgrade my current capital one student card (1% + .25% for on time payments) to the quicksilver (1.5% cashback).

My first card wish was about two weeks before the capital one card which is a Mastercard (1% cashback.)

My current cl for both of them is 500.00, capital one will raise it after 6 on time monthly payments to $750.

As good as the 1.5% cashback sounds since you need excellent credit and I currently have fair credit (just starting my credit history), I feel that if I were to close out the mastercard and open an application for the 1.5% cashback, ill get a higher cl later while the (1% + .25%) visa card I currently have will be a longer credit history.

Long story short, Should I just upgrade, or should I make a new application later when I have good or excellent credit for a higher credit limit?
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