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ZernTogrera : what should i wear to school tomorrow also I gotta exercise at the gym in the before i go to school here are my options also it will be 67 degress and i gotta go get my ears pierced too and my g/f wants to play with my belly by running a whatrenberg pinwheel over it and she want to cut my belly with a magical guillotine and it will be raining

1. grey tanktop
2. white/blue sleeveless shirt
3.grey hurly longsleeve shirt
4. white nike sleevless shirt

shorts mesh shorts blue mesh shorts
3. black mesh shorts
4 light nautica bluejeans
5. blue jeans

1. vans checkard shoes
2. blue canvas shoes under armour shoes 6.0

socks I cant wear any b/c my mother said soo

accessories i have to wear atleast 3-4 items
1. figaro chain
2. uga watch watch
4.herringbone chain
5.toe ring blue bracelet
7.tribal ring
8.rope chain
9.rue21 necklace
10 slap bracelet
11 balance bracelet

1.grey uga
2. red uga

how should i wear my hair
1.pony tail
2. combed back
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paasathkaqaas : your not serious right? hahah
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Roafjoydayfew : 3,3,7,1,2,2
Hope I helped!
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fluomaecola : Shirt Item 3
Shorts Item 3
Shoes Item 1. They are also meant ot be worn with no socks
Accessories: Items 3,6,9, and 10
Hoodie Item 2
Hair Item 2
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seexboomi : I opened my first credit card last month with BofA. I thought I opened it the 20th, and therefore assumed my payment would be due on Tuesday. When I looked online, all I could find was my closing date, listed as the 20th. So today I went to pay my balance early online (in full), and when I went to make the transfer, I saw the due date was actually the 17th!! AGH that was yesterday! I realize I'll get charged a late fee, but how will this affect my credit score. This is my first card, so I don't actually have any credit score already!? I'm freaking out (if you can't tell). Can't believe I was so stupid
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arroraceags : It will not affect your credit until you are much later paying. You will be late more times in your life. They will be happy charging a late fee for a few days. That's why banks are the most profitable industry in the world.
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hbbkjeqy : It takes a little more than that to seriously wreck your credit, but write on your calendar to pay it about 2 weeks before it is due each month. That way, if you forget, you have a little time. Some of those cards have the online option of scheduling payments for the upcoming several months. Doing that can let you schedule a minimum payment and then go online to make an additional larger payment if you have a larger balance. I do that lots of times and it's great for the credit score.
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Hoknousanaw : Sucker!
Welcome to your first gotcha from BofA.

I stopped playing their game.
Five years ago, I closed all my credit cards, and I haven't had a car payment for the last ten years.

Here's what I do:
10% of every check goes into savings.
15% of every check goes into investing.
If I had started at 21, I'd be sitting on half a million bucks by now.
But, I started at age 41, so I'll have to make due. But $20,000 in the bank is better than $40,000 in credit card debt, right?
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Sleeryrub : You need to read your agreement very carefully. With some credit cards, you're supposed to pay every 20 days, not every 30 days, so watch out for that.

Bank of America has a pretty bad reputation for screwing its customers. Try to find a credit union, instead.
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Payncattiff : Look I live in Kuwait and I have a master credit card I want to do online shopping but the store has the currency of us dollar can I still buy it with this card
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