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pypeMuttutice : Are there any sites online where I can order a case of nose rings? I always lose my nose rings so I figured I would be better off if I bought a case of studs instead of going to the store and just buying 1 pr two at a time.
I need to buy them in bulk

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xbfreeslotsio : Spencer's, Claire's etc
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Annedezow : is boa good for a secured credit card? how do i dodge the interest fee ? and to build fast credit hstory
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agobeTaulge : BofA is as good as any other.
Pay you balance in full before the due date.
Not possible. It takes a couple of years to build a good credit from scratch.
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ExannaMaf : There is no such thing as a "fast credit history" and some banks do not even report the history on secured accounts. It will take you 24 months of on time payments with absolutely no 30 day lates or anything else derogatory. And for things such as houses and cars they like to see 3 trades on your history with the same no lates and no running it to the limit and leaving it there.

When someone wants "FAST" credit histories I always think desperation. You do not want desperation credit!

Many times if you have no history and nothing bad and you are old enough then you can get a Capital One card with an annual fee and higher interest rates but YOU are going to pay it off every month so tat should not even matter to you. Your limit will typically be 300-500.
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VurripsypeRip : You build credit history by not trying to build fast credit history.
If you try to build fast credit history, then you don't build credit history.
You build credit history by trying to build slow credit history.
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DjokerDer : Im young wanting to keep my good credit and make it better please tell me alll you know about credit cards when it comes to approval, best credit cards, payments, monthly paymebts, interests just whatever you know thank you
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Biliflachitn : If you paid the full balance off each month then there wouldn't be any charges although it's very very very very very tempting not to and it's a stupid way to borrow money at the end of the day.
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Oxymnlync : How old do you need to be to get one?? Where can I get one?? I really want one please help and add any additional info you have about them...thanx
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lconnorq : You can be any age as long as you can handle money. I got mines from Tesco (the bigger ones) and they get some in Boots. They almost work the same as normal visa cards. Only difference is that after you buy it and it's activates at the register, you take it home and sign up for the site that it mentions on the little pack. Then there it should tell you the expiration dates, CVS code and how much you have left on it.
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